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Purchase advice on the split-hammer comparison or test 2018

  • A chipping machine combines the qualities of a solid hammer and a splitting ax, which is particularly suitable for foresters and enthusiastic home gardeners.
  • Slitting hammers weigh about 3.5 to 4.5 kilograms heavier than ordinary slashes or craft hammers, but often require less effort for the actual act of hitting or splitting.
  • When buying a new chisel next to the correct weight (at least 3 kg) and a sufficient length, especially on the hammer handle. Stems made of hickory wood are considered particularly solid. If you prefer to have it lighter, there are now stalk alternatives made of fiberglass or fiberglass.

Fissure Hammer Comparison 2018: comparison

Heating with wood is more popular in Germany than it has been in a long time - This is especially evident in the sale of wood pellets in recent years. According to a statistic from the German Association of Chimney Sweepers (DEPI), for example, the number of pellet heating systems in Germany has risen from approx. 280,000 to approx. 430,000 in 2016. And if you're lucky enough to have a garden and be able to split your firewood yourself (to burn it in your own oven), it's even better.

The right stroke technique

The right beating technique is essential with such a powerful tool - We recommend that you use both hands in any casebut that probably happens automatically. To be noted for a minimum effort with maximum efficiency is that the grip position of the hand changes when hitting.

The hand, which is closer to the hammer head, "throws" the wood splitting hammer almost upwards and only when the vertex is reached, this hand slides from the head back to the end of the handle, so that both hands touch again. This provides the desired acceleration without additional effort and is similar in principle to the handling of a golf or baseball bat.

Of course, the right tools are essential for efficient chopping wood - especially for those who generally work a lot with forestry. In the guide to our Fisshammer comparison 2018 we show you what this practical tool can do. First of all let me tell you: it basically combines the advantages of a sledgehammer with those of a splitting ax - Ideal for hardworking home improvement and enthusiastic hobby rangers at the same time.

1. A tool for hitting and splitting

It is already in the name, but we want to emphasize it again: With a split hammer you can of course not only powerful hammering wood in different ways, in particular, of course, split wood.

Through a comparatively high weight of 3 to 5 kg The wood splitting hammer counts as an excellent power tool in which exceptionally high pressure can be exerted on the work piece with just one blow. This is especially worthwhile for those who work regularly in the forest anyway or like to lay their DIY activities on the garden (to cut down trees and split firewood).

Fissure Hammer Comparison 2018: fissure

This chisel can be conveniently hung on the wall.

Apart from wood, the chipping hammer can also handle harder material - with which the good piece mutates to sledgehammer or demolition hammer. For some time, firefighters have been increasingly using a chipping hammer instead of the typical wood or fire-fighting ax, as the impact is higher on impact, making it easier to penetrate into burning houses.

In addition to the use as a hammer, a split hammer also serves as an ideal wood splitter, especially in the processing of firewood. The blade of the split hammer is comparable to that of a regular splitting ax.

Depending on the condition and condition of the wood to be split, a split hammer is also capable of severing exceptionally large pieces of wood (up to one meter) in a few strokes. Here is basically: The fresher the wood was cut, the more efficient the splitting works, Laterally projecting branches and branches are no problem for a split hammer.

Safety note: When chopping or splitting wood, always wear the necessary safety clothing, especially safe working gloves.

Fissure Hammer Comparison 2018: hammer

By the dual function This special hammer is ideal for splitting wood.

With particularly resistant wood, it is sometimes necessary to resort to corresponding wedges, again focusing on the function of the sledgehammer. Especially foresters are happy about the Double function of the split hammers: On the one hand, it can be used as an ax, for example, for knocking off branches, on the other hand, the establishment of a wild gate with piles made of wood is no problem.

Below we have the Advantages and disadvantages of split hammerssummarized for you:

  • Combining the qualities of hammer and ax
  • very efficient splitting action due to a specially angled cutting edge
  • minimal effort
  • heavy and somewhat unwieldy during transport

2. Purchasing advice for split hammers: What to look for

Fissure Hammer Comparison 2018: comparison

This split-hammer model from Mannesmann is approx. 90 cm long and weighs 4.25 kg above average weight and long.

2.1. Weight and length

The best chipper should not weigh 4.5 to 5 kilograms, otherwise it is unnecessarily difficult to transport - On average, a split hammer weighs about 3.5 to 4 kilogramsSo about as much as a conventional sledgehammer. The largest percentage of weight falls on the cutting head, which usually weighs at least 3 kilograms. Ultimately, it is more likely to get used to a lighter specimen than the other way round.

The average length of a split hammers is about 80 to 90 cm, Models with a shorter handle are usually a bit lighter, but also generate less force to split or beating due to their lower weight.

The general rule: For larger hands, you should also use a model with a large grip surface.

2.2. Hammer handle

Fissure Hammer Comparison 2018: 2018

The handle of this chisel copy was taken out particularly stable hickory wood manufactured. The term "hickory" comes from the way from the language of the Algonquin aborigines of North America: "pocohiquara" was originally the name for a drink, pressed from hickory tree nuts.

Not only does a wood-cleaver handle connect people with wood, it also has to be able to withstand a great deal in general, because what nobody really wants is a 3-kilogram cutting head flying through the air, which broke away from its stem.

In particular Split hammer handles made of so-called hickory wood are considered to be particularly stable and solid - However, some manufacturers use more fiberglass or glass fiber handles during production. On the one hand, these are lighter, but on the other hand they are more susceptible to damage because they are less stable. In most cases cheap split hammers are often equipped with handles made of fiberglass.

Make sure you choose a special one when choosing your personal slash test winner handleprotectionwhich is located below the cutting head. When working in the rain or generally in humid weather can also Rubber grip protection Work miracles, because this prevents slipping, which can lead to injuries.

Note: The vast majority of wood splitting hammers do not have any grip protection - in case of rain you should therefore refrain from working with the splitting hammers as a precaution.

2.3. Manufacturers and brands

The following manufacturers of splitters are among the most respected and popular on the market:

  • Gränsfors
  • Fiskars
  • Ochsenkopf
  • Halder
  • Stihl
  • Mannesmann
  • DEMA
  • Ironside

On the other hand, these manufacturers are even less well-known:

  • McDrill
  • Triuso
  • uniqat
  • Silverline
  • Normex
  • Friend Victoria
  • Bahco
  • KS tools
  • Leborgne

3. What are the similar tools?

In addition to the split hammers, other comparable tools or related tool types are available on the market, which we would like to introduce to you in the following overview.

Splitting ax as a garden toolSplitting ax as a hand toolCraft Hammer

Fissure Hammer Comparison 2018: 2018

Fissure Hammer Comparison 2018: wood

Fissure Hammer Comparison 2018: wood

Use as:

  • Spaltaxt
  • Felling Ax
  • Räumaxt
Use as:

  • Fire Ax
  • Carpenter's
Use as:

  • sledgehammer
  • Dengel hammer
  • hammer

What does Stiftung Warentest say?

So far, the Stiftung Warentest has not yet carried out a special cracking hammer test, but products of a similar category have been reported by the magazine named "Selbst ist der Mann" in its October issue (2012). In this article, in addition to split hammers and slotted axes were tested - a splitting ax of the manufacturer Fiskars cut off best. In particular, very cheap split hammers were here, however, very critically lit and rated accordingly.

4. How do I best care for my slitting hammer?

In order to have as much as possible of your new forestry tool, we recommend that you follow the following tips and advice for proper care and cleaning.

  • Before a longer break in use, you should oil the blade head of your wood splitter.
  • After each use you should free the blade of dirt (shavings, earth, etc.).
  • Before each use, check whether the splitting head is tight enough.
  • Grind the blade if necessary or after prolonged and very intensive work.
  • If included, you should use the appropriate protective cover for your chipping hammer.

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