May a mattress protector be dried in the dryer?

Mattress covers must be washed regularly to remove contaminants, bacteria and mites. But may mattress protectors be dried in the dryer?

Mattress protector is not the same mattress protector

Mattress covers are made of many different materials and even have different functions: There are mattress protectors that are placed under the mattress to protect it from abrasion and mattress pads that are placed on the mattress to keep them from dirt, moisture, mites and also to protect abrasion.
In both cases, the mattress covers are washable.

Can a mattress protector come in?

In Internet forums one reads again and again of matured mattress protectors. This is particularly annoying when it comes to a mattress cover or the cover of a mattress topper. Because this will not be pulled on the topper or mattress after running in and you have nothing left but to buy a new mattress protector.

How can it happen that the mattress protector enters?

In principle, there are only a few scenarios that lead to the mattress protector running in:

  • The mattress protector is washed too hot
  • The mattress protector is dried in the dryer, although it is not suitable for tumble drying
  • The mattress protector is dried too hot in the dryer

May a mattress protector in the dryer?

Not always. Many mattress covers are not suitable for tumble dryers. If in doubt, this can be read on the care label. If the mattress protector is suitable for tumble drying according to the manufacturer, it is better to dry it at low temperatures, even if the care label promises that it can be dried even at higher temperatures. This will prevent him from breaking in.
If there is no care label left, you should assume that your mattress protector can not be tumble-dried. If a care label is available, you should absolutely follow the guidelines! Never wash or dry your mattress protector too hot!

How to dry your mattress protector properly

After you have washed your mattress protector at 60 degrees in the gentle cycle, proceed as follows:

  • Pull it apart at all corners to shape it
  • Then hang it over a leash and secure it with braces
  • If your mattress protector is white, hang it quietly in the sun: The sunbeams further bleach the fabric and thus remove any residual stains
  • Make sure that the mattress cover is 100% dry before putting it on. Otherwise, they promote the formation of mites and mold

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