Maypole: many

The 1st of May is a public holiday, many places traditionally celebrated becomes. Depending on the region, the maypole will be ceremoniously set up on a village square on the evening before or directly on 1 May.

This large and straight spruce trunk, which is still green at the top, is decorated by the women with bark carvings and with the Coat of arms and guild signs of the village decorated.

Finally one more big, green wreath braided, provided with colorful ribbons and also hung around the trunk. Here are the green tree tops and the wreath, the real one symbols of the custom and standing for fertility.

Origin and tradition of maypole

Maypole: tree

Trees are a sign of life and stand for Growth, fertility and steadfastness, There are different assumptions Where and when the maypole has appeared for the first time.

However, his tradition goes many centuries back and was u. a. on a Method of dating, The bachelors were able to bid on women on May evening and thus secured the marriage within a village.

But the maypole is synonymous for the Prosperity of a village and for middle-class and community consciousness, The wealthier a village was, the larger and more magnificent were the coats of arms and guild signs.

Today, great emphasis is placed on this old tradition, especially in Hesse and Bavaria.

Putting up the maypole

Maypole: tree

Before you place the tree in the middle of the village, it becomes ceremonially worn by the village.

Admired by spectators and mostly accompanied by a chapel, wear the young lads This heavy tree trunk through the whole village and bring him with a lot of power in the right position.

Meanwhile, the other residents pass the time with sufficient Beer and sausages, In the late evening, the feast will be the so-called Maitanz accompanies and walks mostly wet and happy until early morning. The maypole is usually the whole month.

Steal maypole

On popular custom is to steal the not yet erected maypole. Therefore, it is also constantly guarded and not left unattended.

The community of another village can come up with some tricks to get to the maypole of another community. The stolen goods are redeemed, by the respective community, mostly with beer and a snack for all.

However, there is unwritten rulesEveryone stealing at the maypole has to keep in mind:

  1. Just already felled trees may be stolen.
  2. The strain must already be in the village and may not be taken from the forest, since it is wood theft and can be prosecuted.
  3. It may only the maypole of another village been stolen. The own maypole is only to guard and should not be removed for fun.
  4. In the theft one may not be discovered, Even if you get caught, you have to give the tribe back without a fight. Violence in any respect is strictly prohibited and would question the whole custom. Also, the trunk must remain whole and must not be sawn, cut or damaged.
  5. Already set up maypoles are taboo.
  6. In case of successful theft, the parties enter into negotiations and may only satisfactory conditions put.
  7. If, however, any negotiations fail, the stolen goods are set up for a few weeks in their own village as Schandbaum and then sawn and auctioned. During the time a blackboard is placed on which the actual owners are mocked.
  8. The whole custom should happen peacefully, without violence and without any dispute. The whole thing should be viewed as fun and passed on to the generations.

Maypole customs in Upper Bavaria

Maypole: tree

On May 1 runs in many places in Bavaria The same scenery: beer, snacks, brass band music and lots of conviviality - all this is part of the customs around the maypole.

King Max I Joseph in honor became the first in Bavaria at the beginning of the 19th century white-blue maypoles established. Maypoles are in this region up to 40 meters long, The setting up of the maypole takes all morning and many strong men to complete.

Just as spectacular as it is popular is the tapping of the maypoles. Once a tree has been selected in the forest, it is no longer safe from the fraternities of the neighboring community.

The Maypole Klau goes about it, with the aim of negotiating a high fee in the form of beer and snacks.

Maypoles as a proof of love

Maypole: many

With all the customs, there is also the tradition on May 1, the lady of the heart to show his love. As a rule, young, unmarried men at the house of the single women of a village install small maypoles.

These stay hang about a month and then, by the young men, under the demand of one Answer or gesture, picked up again.

In many regions is in a leap year the gender role changed, Then the women attach the maypoles.

Even in the big cities is the Maibäumchen give away one popular and at the same time romantic gesture, Many people originally come from rural areas and want to stay true to their traditions in the city.

CraftingIf you, however, want to make your loved one happy and surprise you with a homemade May heart, then we have the best crafting instructions for you:
Mayherz tinker.

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