Paint MDF to a high gloss - spectacular and easy

The modern furniture with high-gloss appearance are quite expensive and they are not available in many variants. So what could be more natural than to build perfect furniture yourself with MDF boards and paint them with a high-gloss finish?

Modern high-gloss surfaces

A surface that you want to paint to a high gloss must be absolutely flat and smooth. Therefore, the MDF board with its fine homogeneous structure is of course particularly suitable for these purposes.

Although it is not difficult to paint MDF to a high gloss, it does some work that needs to be done with great care and patience. This should be made clear with all the love for high-gloss furniture.

Step by step paint MDF high gloss

  • Undercoat
  • Paint colored
  • clearcoat
  • grinding machine
  • Sandpaper in various fine grains
  • Polishing attachment for grinding machine
  • foam roller
  • Foam Shade
  • paint tray

1. Smooth and grind

The surfaces of the MDF boards should be absolutely smooth and even. If you go over it with your hand, you will notice some bumps better.

Do not forget the seams and joints. Again, may not project or survive. Fill gaps and gaps and sand down.

2. Pre-coat and sand

For the primer, you can also use the actual paint in slightly diluted form. Apply only very thin layers and sand after drying with very fine sandpaper.

3. Painting and sanding

It sounds tiresome, but not painting is the actual job, but the frequent grinding. For a glossy MDF board you usually need three layers of paint. You must grind again after drying each color layer.

4. Polishing and / or clear varnishing

The last coat of paint is no longer sanded but polished. The result is even better and more durable if you add a layer of clear coat. Unfortunately, it is also advisable to first polish the paint thoroughly to a high gloss and at the end again the clear coat.

Tips & Tricks

For the right high gloss, you often have to sand before and between the individual paint jobs. Therefore, one should at least call a reasonably good orbital sander his own.

Anyone who can cope with an orbital sander, who likes to scrape a plate into the grind of inexperienced people, is even better served with this device. Especially when large surfaces are to be ground.

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