MDF boards - they should have that thickness

The practical MDF boards are available in many different thicknesses. Depending on the application, you should stock up on the appropriate strength. After all, you do not want to break a single side table made of MDF later.

Unusually practical - the MDF board

No other material can be used for so many purposes, always depending on the right strength that suits the application. As a result, manufacturers of MDF boards have actually developed a wealth of MDF board thicknesses.

This MDF board starch is available on the market

  • 6 millimeters
  • 8 millimeters
  • 10 millimeters
  • 12 millimeters
  • 16 millimeters
  • 19 millimeters
  • 22 millimeters
  • 25 millimeters
  • 28 millimeters
  • 30 millimeters
  • 38 millimeters
  • 60 millimeters

Important plate dimensions to the different strengths

In many cases, there are the following formats for each of the above thicknesses. But there are also different special shapes and sizes available in stores.

  • 280 x 207 centimeters
  • 411 x 207 centimeters

Cheap MDF boards

Of course, with the thickness of the panels, the approximate price per square meter increases. While a thin eight millimeter thick plate costs about 20 euros in the format 280 by 207 centimeters, you have to pay for the same plate size with a thickness of twelve millimeters already half more, so slightly over 30 euros.

This equates to a price of about four euros per square meter for the eight millimeter MDF board and six euros for the twelve millimeter board. The 22 millimeter thick MDF board then costs about 11 euros per square meter.

Tips & Tricks

If your hardware store calculates the full plate when cutting the plates, which is normal, then take the leftovers with you. These can be used for many purposes.

Especially when children are in the house, you can cut out of them great little decorative elements and colorfully painted as a star or a heart stick to the bed frame or the wall.

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