Cut MDF boards

MDF boards can be processed in a similar way to wood or other composite wood materials. This also applies to the sawing and cutting of MDF boards. When compared to wood and other wood composites MDF has even more advantages when cutting.

Construction of MDF boards

MDF boards are made from the finest shredded wood. These fibers are then blended with other ingredients and pressed under heat:

  • wood fibers
  • Glue
  • different ingredients (depending on manufacturer and later use)
  • water

Basic properties when sawing MDF

Compared to conventional wood composites, MDF has a very high density and is at the same time very homogeneous. Thanks to these characteristics of MDF boards, it is excellent for sawing and cutting. You can use any conventional vertical and horizontal sawing process, which is also suitable for other wood composites.

Technical settings of the saw

Depending on the saw used, a rake angle of 8 to 10 degrees should be taken into account, as well as a maximum rotation of 40 to 80 m / s. You should force yourself to adhere to these limits, as the otherwise robust MDF can be particularly sensitive here.

Use of specially hardened steel saw blades

But also with regard to the possible ingredients precautions must be taken. So MDF can be added to sand or other material. This would be a conventional saw blade blunt practically after the first preparation for sawing. Therefore, you should only use hardened steel or diamond blade saw blades.

It is always important to ensure that these blades are replaced before they become dull. If you cut MDF boards with a blunt saw blade, you will find that the material is now prone to massive fraying.

On the other hand, due to the excellent material properties of MDF boards, profiles can be cut perfectly - as long as the saw blade used is correspondingly sharp. Never exceed the manufacturer's recommended service life. While work has to be done on other wood composites with gluing, this effort for MDF boards is completely eliminated.

Any necessary reworking for cutting

If you want to treat the MDF panel after sawing, for example by painting, you must prepare the edges accordingly and grind them clean. More information about further editing of MDF boards can be found here.

Tips & Tricks

Many do-it-yourselfers want to veneer the MDF panels after sawing and possibly even assembling appropriate bodies. Please note the special requirements when veneering MDF boards. Many do-it-yourselfers make the mistake of assembling a workpiece and then want to veneer. However, like all other workpieces that should be treated in this way, MDF boards must be veneered on both sides (mirrored) before assembly.

Observe these approaches described here for sawing and cutting MDF boards also during milling. Again, special milling heads made of hardened steel are to be used.

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