Meadows mow with the brushcutter, the grass trimmer and brush cutter

Three devices - a functional principle

amateur gardeners The question is often whether a lawn trimmer is already sufficient for upcoming gardening, or whether it should be resorted to the powerful brushcutter. Generally, the three garden tools are based on the same functional principle:

A small motor drives a rotating cutting blade or a special cutting thread via a shaft. The clippings are then cut just above the ground and thrown away.

The smallest and weakest of the three devices is the grass trimmer (thread trimmer). The cutting tool is usually operated electrically by cable or battery and is used to shorten lawn edges on beds and sidewalks. Also on fences and walls of the String head trimmer be used without damaging yourself or the obstacle. After a few uses, the nylon thread is replaced. So you can quickly achieve a perfect result after the actual mowing of the green area with an electric or petrol lawn mower.

Meadows mow with the brushcutter, the grass trimmer or brush cutter

Meadows mow with the brushcutter, the grass trimmer and brush cutter: brushcutter

When using trimmers, brushcutters and brushcutters is the right technique crucial. It helps to prevent premature fatigue and prevents muscle soreness and serious injuries.

Hobby gardeners can already at the stockist seek advice. In addition, careful reading of the operating instructions is recommended because different devices from different manufacturers can be started and maintained differently.

We give you general tips for this in this article safe handling of rotating cutting tools, because for different demands also special essays are needed.

In addition, it is general Safety measures to comply with when working with gasoline-powered gardening tools. For brushcutters and brush cutters, we therefore recommend wearing appropriate protective equipment.

Meadows mow with the brushcutter, the grass trimmer and brush cutter: brushcutter

A grass trimmer works with a rotating thread head, while the brushcutter with a cutting blade cuts the grass to a suitable length.

The classic brushcutter On the other hand, it is also suitable for mowing the lawn, even brushwood scrub can be easily shredded with it. The necessary power development is provided by a two-stroke chain saw motor, which is powered by gasoline. The brushcutter is ideal for larger work in the hobby garden.

The free tailor however, it is rarely used for gardening. Even young trees can be felled with it, so that this heavy and unwieldy device is mainly used by professionals in parks and other urban areas. In addition, the brushcutter is very expensive and expensive to maintain.

The trade also offers special multifunction devices at which the rotating head can be exchanged quickly and easily. So you can use the garden tool as a grass trimmer and as a brushcutter.

Protective equipment when working with brushcutters

Meadows mow with the brushcutter, the grass trimmer and brush cutter: brushcutter

Eye and ear protection as well as a long, ideally cut-resistant trousers form the standard protective equipment when working with the brushcutter.

Many accidents happen during the gardening due to a careless and often improper use of technical equipment. Predominantly unprotected body parts are affected. Therefore, hobby gardeners are recommended, even for smaller work with the brushcutter always on one adequate occupational safety to put.

Wear tight-fitting clothing that covers all body parts while still allowing enough freedom of movement. This is especially important Covering the legsDo not wear shorts or skirts, but protect yourself with long, tight jeans or special work trousers. Also make sure that you do not wear a flapping scarf or a waving coat that could quickly get caught in the cutting unit. Also, long hair is put up as a precaution to the Minimize accident risk.

Sturdy footwear is part of the basic equipment for dangerous garden work with rotating cutting tools. A non-slip sole with a deep profile is optimal. In addition, you can protect your hands with gloves from serious injury.

Danger: Never touch the blades or mowing threads with gloves while the engine is running.

The eyes are particularly endangered in such gardening. The rotating cutting tool hurls small stones, broken branches and the like towards the head. On Hard hat with visor as well as an additional ear protection form adequate protective clothing for the face area.

Preparations for a safe handling of the brushcutter

Meadows mow with the brushcutter, the grass trimmer and brush cutter: brushcutter

For accident-free work with sharp brushcutters, some preventive measures are necessary.

Before starting the mowing work, the work surface should be secured. Check the lawn and remove toys, small stones and similar items to minimize the risk of injury from swirling objects. In addition, nothing remains in this way cutter hang and the device remains undamaged.

tip: Strong wind, cold and rain promote premature fatigue and complicate the cutting measures. Therefore, work with dangerous brushcutters only on a dry and well-visible lawn area.

Free-roaming pets must be locked into the house before gardening starts, and third parties must be at least 15 meters away from each other so as not to be accidentally struck by flying clippings or stones. Nevertheless, there should always be the possibility of an accident quick help Request: Before working with a brushcutter, charge your mobile phone and carry it with you as a safety precaution.

The right technique when using brushcutters

Meadows mow with the brushcutter, the grass trimmer and brush cutter: meadows

A brushcutter is suitable for fast lawn mowing even and uneven surfaces.

Grass trimmers and brushcutters can also be operated quickly and safely by inexperienced hobby gardeners. The gardening equipment hangs from a sturdy carrying strap and can be easily guided by the handle with both hands.

Make sure that cutting blade hanging directly above the ground - if necessary, lengthen or shorten the carrying strap. If the belt is too short, you have to bend over uncomfortably. On the other hand, if the cutting surface is too low, the load will no longer be borne by the belt and you will need to lift the brushcutter or the trimmer with pure muscle power. Tension and soreness are therefore inevitable if the strap is adjusted incorrectly.4

tip: Generally, the cutting device must always be guided below the waist.

Meadows mow with the brushcutter, the grass trimmer and brush cutter: meadows

With oscillating movements you can work your way through step by step.

In the flat terrain can be that cutting tool Now swivel slightly to the left and right. This swinging movement is particularly efficient and back-friendly at the same time. Nevertheless, always ensure a secure footing and a good balance.

tip: As the cutting tool rotates counterclockwise, it is mowed from right to left. So the clippings fall on the already mown surface.

For lawn mowing, always select a brush cutter with cutting blade. Recommend on walls, fences, lawn edges or other obstacles Experts | to change the thread head, to effectively counteract material wear.

10 general safety instructions when dealing with rotating cutting tools

Meadows mow with the brushcutter, the grass trimmer and brush cutter: brushcutter

The grass trimmer works with sturdy threads, but is not suitable for lawn mowing.
  1. Avoid inhaling the harmful vapors of gasoline when filling the tank.
  2. Never run the combustion engine indoors. After use, the engine is always switched off.
  3. When the engine is running you must not handle the cutting tool. Also protective gloves do not protect sufficiently here.
  4. Watch out for free-roaming pets and third parties.
  5. Never leave the appliance unattended or in the reach of children.
  6. For back-friendly working the belt length is adjusted to the body size.
  7. A grass trimmer is not suitable for lawn mowing, but is specifically used on edges and obstacles.
  8. Pay attention to a right-angled forward movement when hanging down.
  9. Protect yourself with sufficient protective clothing.
  10. Choose a sunny day. A dry lawn is much easier to work with.

Brushcutters in the test

Meadows mow with the brushcutter, the grass trimmer and brush cutter: grass

We show you how you can create order in your garden. Especially in large gardens and tall grass is a Grass trimmer with nylon threads quickly overwhelmed. Go for powerful brushcutters.

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