Mediterranean look for the garden: Where is the price for a sandstone wall?

Anyone who goes on holiday in the Mediterranean can see it in many places: the loosely piled up sandstone walls, partly overgrown, but always wonderfully natural. Do you want such a wall for your garden? You have to expect these costs!

Price determining factors for sandstone

There are many types of sandstone, prices vary. We have put together the key points that you should pay attention to when buying. Of course, high product quality is reflected in the costs.

  • Unusual colors and structures cause additional costs.
  • The surface processing of the stone is reflected in the price. Little worked stones are cheaper to have.
  • Pay attention to the pressure resistance, weathering resistance and deicing salt resistance of your stones.
  • If in doubt, pay a little more money for a long life!

The price for your sandstone wall

In total, the price for a sandstone wall of about 1 m height is between 50 and 150 EUR per meter, if you hire a specialist company for the construction. If you want to lend a hand while walling yourself, you can adjust the costs downwards.

Calculate for ordinary sandstone with the cuboid dimension 20 x 20 x 20 cm with a price of about 3 EUR per piece. Large stones measuring 40 x 40 x 80 cm cost around 80 EUR each.

Concrete costs by example

A garden owner builds a 1 m high sandstone wall. The wall is a total of 12 m long and consists of high-quality stones with bearing joints.

Cost overviewprice
1. material950 EUR
2. Construction440 EUR
total1,400 EUR

Pay attention to safety when working on your own!

You want to save costs by building your own wall? Obtain a detailed instruction beforehand, because only a professional installation guarantees sufficient collapse security. You have to fill in the stones neatly and wedge them, so that your wall stops!

Tips & Tricks

Buy your stones best directly from the factory, so eliminates the cost of interim storage and transhipment. Please note that there are often minimum purchase quantities!

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