Have Mercedes keys copied

At the manufacturer Mercedes Benz, it is part of the company philosophy to imitate keys only themselves. Accordingly, the keys for all Mercedes models in the last twenty years can be imitated almost exclusively at Mercedes itself. Older keys can be duplicated by experienced key makers.

Tight cost window

The keys to modern Mercedes vehicles have elaborate electronics. They support data collection for the service and guarantee a high level of security. The complex structure, however, makes the external imitation almost impossible, since protected programming must be known.

The complex variety of functions also ensures high prices, which requires Mercedes to imitate a key. In most cases, you should expect sums between 250 and 300 euros. Small regional price differences of up to ten percent make in some cases the requests in several Mercedes branches worthwhile.

Authorized abroad

If you travel abroad more often, you can save up to twenty percent through a currency advantage. Again, only official and approved Mercedes authorized repair shops are considered. In some cases, however, a foreign language translation of the vehicle registration certificate must be available. With offers under two hundred euro caution is necessary.

Electronic malfunctions can influence the vehicle technology and incorrectly read service data endanger the insurance coverage. The electronic on-board system of a Mercedes does not recognize unauthorized counterfeit keys. This may result in loss of warranty and warranty and greatly reduce the resale value.

Loss, theft and blocking

The loss of a key is not covered by either partial or full comprehensive insurance. A theft caused by a police report will be reimbursed by the insurance.

A mechanical key is not offered for all Mercedes models, but in some cases can be a cheaper alternative. Queries from several merchants can expand the selection.

In some cases, the purchase price of the new key will incur a blocking fee for the lost key. In this case, especially with very expensive vehicle models, the corresponding key is no longer usable.

Tips & Tricks

In the commercial sector, simplified user key versions are often offered which are mostly unknown to the end user. Ask specifically for workshop keys, tax duplicates, emergency keys or mechanical flat keys.

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