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Separate metal: separate

Metal Cutting: The stubborn table leg

Separate metal with the multitool - is that even possible? In our test, we tried one old metal table leg to saw. For this the round saw blade with the inscription "Wood / Metal" seemed predestined.

To make it short: That did not work out. Except a lot of noise and a small incision, we have achieved nothing. To late we read in the instructions that the round saw attachment only for "non-ferrous metals" suitable is.

Round saw in detail

Separate metal: metal

Round saw in detail

"Wood / Metal" emblazoned on the circular saw - we believed the inscription once. We were able to produce a small cut, tooh scratched the saw more on the surfaceas if she had worked herself into the metal.

The Noise was enormous, the device slipped on the table leg and scratched the paint mainly. That still a cut came about, is the high production quality the saw but not our ability.

Separate metal: detail

Small incision

Apparently the saw was still intact after the "maltreatment", later it also showed up when sawing wood.

Since we had no non-ferrous metals as test objects, this attempt can be regarded as a failure on the bottom line. This is not on the devicebut at the reading competence of the testers.

Then there was... the quick release lock

Separate metal: metal

Quick release in detail

In this test, we have not really messed with fame: not only that we on the Table leg left useless and noisy scratchesbut we had not completely internalized the tool change yet.

Unlike bicycle quick-releases, the quick release of the tool holder must be not be turned back a little, but is locked directly: Swabian engineering met misguided prior knowledge.

The The following film is therefore not to be taken seriously, but it's still thought-provoking: power tools should be known in detail and beforehand how to operate the device.

In a rotating tool, such as a power cutter, the "accident" would not be so involuntarily funny and gone off lightly above all. So do not imitate, dear children! But especially: Please read the operating instructions before!

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