Paint metal bed - made easy step by step

You have a nice metal bed and want to give it a new coat of paint? You can do that yourself. Below, we explain what you need and how to do it best.

Spraying or painting?

For painting, there are two different painting methods available: with the brush or from the spray can. Some say spraying is easier than brushing because it's less likely that the paint will drip, but too much can be applied by spraying and then the paint runs. Spraying is best done outdoors and with a surgical mask so you do not breathe the paint.

Step-by-step instructions for painting a metal bed

  • Spray can or liquid paint for painting
  • primer
  • Plastic cover for covering
  • Maybe brush
  • sandpaper

1. Preparation

First, you empty the bed completely and put it in the open air or in a garage for editing. Lay a tarp under the bed as well as generously around the bed so that nothing is sprayed or smudged.

You should wear old clothes that cover as many body parts as possible, so that no varnish gets on your skin. Wear gloves and, if you use a spray paint, also a surgical mask.

2. Sandpaper

With the fine sandpaper you first sand the old paint around or - if there is no paint - roughen the surface. This is important so that the paint keeps well and does not peel off.

3rd primer

You may also be able to omit this step, but it is generally believed that the paint with a primer lasts longer and is easier to apply. Apply a primer evenly to the entire bed frame (either with the spray can or with a brush).

4. Painting

In the last step, paint the entire bed. First, apply too little paint and then go over it in a second step. If you have too much paint, you will soon have ugly noses on the bedstead.

Then let the bed dry and air well.

Tips & Tricks

Make sure the varnish does not contain any toxins that you can inhale while sleeping.

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