Metal detector comparison 2018

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  • Metal detectors are available in different versions for walls and floors or freestanding.
  • In the private sector they are often used by amateur archaeologists and prospectors.
  • In public spaces, metal detectors increase safety.

Metal detector comparison 2018: comparison

1. Metal detectors in the private sector

Are you buying a metal detector for the first time to go in search of metals? Then familiarize yourself in advance with the law on the protection of historic monuments: the digging of land and cultural monuments is prohibited. Even in nature reserves, you must not dig. Obtain a research permit from the State Heritage Office in your state to be legally on the safe side.

Metal detector comparison 2018: 2018

A modern metal detector has an audible and visual signal.

Metal detectors are used to detect hidden metals. Undoubtedly you too are already freestanding Metal detectors used, for example, at airports and in court buildings to detect hidden weapons.

Even in the private sector, the metal detector is finding more and more friends: amateur archaeologists roam forests, meadows and fields, to find metallic finds from past centuries in the ground or go specifically on the search for hidden precious metals. Who does not dream of discovering a gold treasure in their own garden?

Read in this guide, how a metal detector works, which types are available and which models of which manufacturers are particularly recommended.

2. How does a metal detector work?

Metal detectors contain a transmitter coil that generates a magnetic field. The magnetic field emits pulse signals that trigger eddy currents in the vicinity of hidden metals. These currents are in turn perceived by the coil. Based on the eddy currents, the metal detector even recognize what the metal is and how big the hidden object is.

Best known are these three forms:

Very low frequency (5 kHz - 3 kHz)Consists of transmitter and receiver coil. The transmitter generates the magnetic field, the receiver receives the signals of the metals
Beat Frequency OscillatorConsists of a search coil and a reference coil. If the search coil receives a signal, the frequency changes compared to the reference coil and the device gives a message.
Pulse inductionConsists of only one coil for searching and receiving with direct current. If the current is interrupted by metallic eddy currents, the device receives a signal

At the top of your metal detector you will see in the display the results of your search in visual form (eg LED light signals) and at the same time hear acoustic signals that may sound different depending on the location type. The GPS signal tells you exactly where you are. Save locations if you need to stop late in the afternoon, but want to resume your search at the same location the following day.

3. The most important accessory for your metal detector

Do you need accessories for your metal detector? The answer is: Not necessarily, but many accessories will make your "Sondeln" enormously easier. In any metal detector test, well-equipped metal detectors perform better than simple models.

3.1. Metal detectors with discriminator

Almost every modern metal detector is equipped with a discriminator today. Modern technology makes it possible to filter out unwanted metals. After all, it does not make any sense to look for valuable materials if the metal finder beeps every two minutes because it discovers old soda cans, screws, nails, and other civilization trash from worthless iron.

Tip:Only use the discriminator if you are really sure which materials you want to exclude. Otherwise, it can easily happen that your metal detector not only overlooks the old Coke can, but also the gold ring from the Middle Ages.

3.2. What is the Pinpointer doing?

Metal detector comparison 2018: metal

A pinpointer is practical and also available in handbag format.

If your metal detector signals that it has found something, you only know the rough location. However, they do not know where the object is exactly or at what depth. Digging between root system and stones can be very stressful. The Pinpointer helps you to find exactly the concrete position of the object. Very handy if you literally search the needle in a haystack, eg. For example, tiny coins.

3.3. Headphones for the metal detector

Headphones offer you several advantages: You hear the signals of the metal probe more directly at the ear and do not disturb your fellow human beings. This will also detect very fine signals that would otherwise be lost. Last but not least, the headphones also protect your ears when, for example, you are traveling in strong winds on the sea or in open fields.

3.4. Other accessories for your metal detector

Finally, think about the additional equipment for the metal detector itself - and for your treasure hunt:

  • A bobbin guard protects your search coil when used against stones and the like. bump.
  • Suitable batteries provide power to your device.
  • With excavation tools such as masonry hammer and folding spade you loosen found metals from the ground.
  • In a find bag you stow your found treasures.
Tip: You will spend many hours outdoors in the "Sondeln". Look for weatherproof clothing and pack a delicious meal with hot drinks in the thermos bottle.

4. Metal Detectors FAQ

4.1. Which special metal detectors are there?

Metal detector comparison 2018: detector

Pretty exciting: the treasure hunt on the beach.

Depending on what you are looking for, a special metal detector can be of great help. For example, look for one Metal detector for militaria should it have a large detection depth, We recommend devices of the type DEUS of the brand XP and Bounty Hunter.

Go preferred on the sea with your metal detector on treasure hunt, the device should be waterproof and saltwater suitable, In the metal detector comparison, the devices have cut the Garrett very well. The Garrett AT-Pro is waterproof up to three meters and suitable for salt water, but also plays in the high price range.

If you're hoping to spot a gold treasure, you can use a special metal detector in the Gold Seekers category. This location type was developed specifically for the gold search. He also records tiny nuggets that naturally occur in the ground, ignoring other non-ferrous metals.

Danger:Did you find gold? Please note that you must report valuable finds to the conservation authority of your state. But you can usually look forward to a finder's reward.

4.2. What can a ground radar do?

A ground radar scans the ground and transfers its data to a computer. Such a device is able to to present the condition of the soil three-dimensionally, For example, they can reveal buried tunnels and caves or ancient walls several meters deep. However, extensive expertise is required to evaluate the images, and the devices themselves are extremely expensive. For your hobby treasure hunt a classic metal detector is sufficient.

4.3. Should I buy a metal detector for my child?

A normal metal detector has a weight of at least one kilogram. He is simply too heavy for a child. Choose a particularly lightweight metal detector for childrenif you want to take your offspring with you. It is best to buy such a metal detector cheaply if the interest of the child does not last long.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of metal detectors for children:

  • You share your hobby with your offspring and have company
  • Children love a good treasure hunt
  • They arouse the curiosity of the child in the story
  • You must keep an eye on the child at all times
  • The child does not recognize dangerous objects (eg war ammunition) and can seriously injure themselves
  • You are liable to prosecution if your child takes home something forbidden

4.4. Is there a metal detector test winner?

Stiftung Warentest has not yet carried out a metal detector test. However, you will find a metal detector comparison or an internal metal detector test on various gantries portals, where experienced experts last named their favorites in 2018. The DEUS of XP scores above average as the best metal detector. Other popular manufacturers in this area are Garrett, AGT, Fisher and White's. Use the buying advice of the experts who have many years of experience with detectors of this type.

Positive fell in the Metal detector comparison of the Duramaxx MD-063 as the lightest and cheapest metal detector on: A great device for beginners, which costs little more than 100 euros. At the top, the price scale is open. For a high quality metal detector from Garrett and other top brands you have to expect at least 500 euros.

4.5. Can I build a metal detector myself?

Theoretically, it is possible to build a metal detector yourself. To do this, you make a search head with two differently sized wooden rings around which you wrap insulated copper wire (these are your transmitting and receiving coils).

Attach the seeker head to the bottom of an old broom handle and connect it to an old MW radio, which you attach to the top of the handle. You can then receive the signals from your seeker via the mid-frequency frequencies. However, it goes without saying that this is not a particularly effective method, but rather a nice tinkering for you and your technically interested children.

5. One final note: line seekers are not metal detectors

A classic metal detector should not be confused with a wall scanner or line finder to find water pipes, heating pipes and the like in the wall in your home. In this area, manufacturers such as Conrad, C. Scope and Velleman are recommended. It is a completely different technology. You may be able to use your line finder to find your wedding ring lost in the children's sandbox, but once you are seriously involved in hobby probing, you should get yourself a real metal detector.

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