Metal protection - Special applications

Metal protection - Special applications: special

Liability on non-ferrous metals

Metal protection - Special applications: protection

On non-ferrous metals, paint adheres less well than on ferrous metals. So before painting with zinc metal, aluminum, brass, copper or hot dip galvanized steel with HAMMERITE Metal Protective Coating, be sure to pretreat the surface with HAMMERITE Metal Cleaner and then apply HAMMERITE Special Primer. This preparation pays off, because this is the only way to achieve an optimal result when painting non-ferrous metals. HAMMERITE special primer can be used both inside and out. Just two hours after applying, you can continue to work with HAMMERITE metal protective varnish or another varnish.

Metal design in antique look

Metal protection - Special applications: metal

Many people are looking for new design options, to give free rein to their imagination and creativity. The trend here is clearly in the nostalgic direction - rust, patina and antique look are in greater demand than ever. For this there is HAMMERITE metal deco varnish. This makes it possible to realize particularly attractive nostalgic effects in the trend looks patina green and antique brown. To achieve optimum protection, iron metals should be pretreated with HAMMERITE Rust Blocker. Before applying to non-ferrous metals, HAMMERITE Special Primer should be applied. Interesting stylish variations are obtained depending on the number of spraying jobs and also by changing the spraying distance. The patina effect can be even increased by additional order.

Often are Antique elements of filigree structure. With HAMMERITE metal deco varnish in the spray can, these hard-to-reach areas are painted safely and evenly.

Heat resistant paintings

Metal protection - Special applications: protection

Even radiators, hot water pipes or items that are often exposed to higher temperatures, need a good finish. HAMMERITE radiator paint was specially developed for these hot objects. Strong temperature fluctuations and Temperatures up to 80° C are no problem for this paint: The white color retains its radiance. HAMMERITE radiator paint is available in the classic shade of white in the variants satin matt and glossy. For special design accents, the new aluminum effect with real aluminum particles, which looks exceptionally modern and elegant. For painting, you can use a lint-free paint roller or a special radiator brush. In the case of winding radiators, HAMMERITE radiator paint in the spray can has proven itself.

Garage doors and galvanized objects

Metal protection - Special applications: applications

Conventional paint hardly adheres to zinc. HAMMERITE garage door paint, on the other hand, adheres perfectly. With it you can dispense with primers and work directly on zinc surfaces. This is particularly advantageous because garage doors are galvanized in many cases, saving you one step. Before painting, remove old paint and minor rust spots with spatula and wire brush. Remove dirt, dust and grease with HAMMERITE metal cleaner. Then paint.

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