Connect metal bars

There are many ways to connect metal bars. But often requires the appropriate tools and machines or very special tools. Below we will show you how to connect metal bars with simple tools.

The joining of metal pipes or rods

There are many ways to connect metal bars. Typical are, for example, metal rods that can be easily inserted into each other. For this, however, either one side would have to be widened or the other side narrowed or rejuvenated. Without appropriate machines impossible. Also suitable only for hollow pipes.

Typical connection options

In addition, there are other ways to connect even full bars:

  • with a cap sleeve
  • by welding both rod ends

The welding of metal bars

The welding together of metal rods again requires a corresponding device, namely a welder. For pipes, at least brazing works well, if these tubes are made of corresponding metals. Otherwise, however, most home improvement will probably not have a welder. How to braze copper pipes, for example, you can read here in detail.

The connection of metal bars with cap sleeves

These are tubular sleeves, which have such an inner diameter that they can be pushed onto a rod or pipe. The metal alloys must be identical, as it comes with a noble and a less noble metal to oxidation. Such a cylindrical sleeve can then be glued, brazed, possibly fixed with clamps or fixed with existing threaded holes with a screw.

If you do not have such a sleeve yourself, you can still resort to a different approach. Of course always depending on whether this option is suitable for the requirements of your project.

You can choose a metal sheet and "wrap" tightly around the pipes. Use a vise or pipe wrench of suitable size. The sheet (wrapped several times if necessary) is then held with a pair of pliers or vise just enough so that the sheet can continue to twist in the direction of bending (either upwards or downwards from two pipes connected horizontally in front of you).

So you get the sheet really tight around the metal bars. Then you can screw this self-curved sleeve with one or two clamps. If possible, you can also apply a suitable adhesive between metal rods and wrapped sheet metal.

Tips & Tricks

Depending on whether it can be used for your project in this way, you can further simplify the mentioned method, even if you do not have a corresponding large and suitable sheet metal available. Just use an old garden or water hose.

Either this fits the diameter and can be stretched accordingly, or you cut the tube lengthwise, sticking a strip along both tubes firmly. After curing, turn or wrap the hose around the two pipes with suitable pliers. You can also use clamps and / or glue.

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