Clamp the metal saw blade - this is how it works

How to properly clamp a metal saw blade, and which direction to look for, read this post. In addition, in which handsaws you can even change the saw blade, and what else you have to pay attention to.


In a metal hacksaw, you can usually replace the saw blade if it has become dull. This is relatively easy to do.

Problems often only cause the correct direction when inserting, because saw blades look completely identical at both ends. There is a simple rule for this:

Saw teeth must always point away from the handle when using European saws.

But that only applies to metal hacksaws !!!

This is exactly the opposite with PUK saws - these saws work on traction. There you have to clamp a saw blade exactly the other way around.


In our case, saws are generally made on impact, that is, when we push the saw forward, material is removed. When retracted, the saw will only glide through the material, but will not remove any material.

Some saws, such as the foxtail, can work on pull and pressure (not all fox tails, but some).

PUK saws, on the other hand, are only made for quick work, and especially for vertical sawing and especially fine cuts - most untrained people work with a saw to move easier. But you can do more with a saw set on impact.


Basically, this is easy to test - you can see quite quickly in which movements the saw generates chips in wood, and in which movement not. From this you can simply close, whether the saw blade is set to train or on impact.

Change of the saw blades

Changing the saw blades in the PUK saw is just as easy as with the metal hacksaw. All you have to do is loosen the attachment, then you can remove the old saw blade and replace it with a new one. Then tighten the fixings again.

Tips & Tricks

As an alternative to replacing the saw blade, you could also sharpen a saw blade. With a little skill and a larger teeth that is quite possible. Click on the link to see how it works and what to look for.

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