Microwave - the best tips

The microwave can do much more than warm food. She has some amazing skills. The most important tips on how to use the microwave and how to use it cleverly can be found in this article.

Tip self-cleaning function

Normally, only ovens have built-in ovens built-in self-cleaning function. With the microwave, there is something like that, with every microwave.

Soiling can be easily removed by heating some of the kitchen towels moistened with water for 3 to 5 minutes at medium power. For better fat dissolving power, you can also soak the cloths with vinegar. The resulting steam dissolves the dirt thoroughly, with the cooled cloths you can then wipe it off.

Tip reprocess chips

Old and less crisp chips are edible again, if you put them on a kitchen towel and heated for a few seconds in the microwave. The absorbed moisture escapes and the chips are as crispy as fresh again.

Tip to recycle old bread

If old bread does not taste so good and has become a bit hard, you can put it in damp cloths and put it in the microwave again and again for a few seconds until it tastes fresh and crunchy again.

Tip: microwave for disinfection

Normally, the microwave is considered to be "germ-sensitive" especially when thawing meat, poultry and fish. But it can also be used vice versa to make kitchen sponges and kitchen towels germ-free. Wet cloths or sponges well and place in the microwave for about 2 minutes at the highest setting. The resulting heat kills practically all bacteria.

Tip: Soak beans and lentils in the microwave

The night-long steeping of legumes such as beans and lentils can be saved. If you heat them in the microwave and heat them for 10 minutes at the highest setting and let them stand for about half an hour, this is as good as a soak overnight.

Tips & Tricks

Also, baking in the microwave is possible, but this only works with appropriately tuned recipes.

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