Dispose of the microwave

Microwaves with defects are usually difficult to repair economically. The prices for new equipment are so low that a repair hardly worthwhile. The question remains, where to dispose of the old device correctly and inexpensively.

disposal options

Disposal in the household garbage is prohibited. Microwaves are so-called electronic waste as "white goods" (household appliances). There are certain fixed disposal routes for this type of device:

  • Return at the dealer
  • recycling center
  • specialized disposal company

Return at the dealer

Traders are obliged to take back electronic waste. However, only under certain conditions, and not all dealers.

By law, this obligation applies only to those dealers whose business has a sales area of ​​more than 400 m². The small electrician around the corner does not have this obligation to take back.

Moreover, the dealer must take back only so-called "small appliances". Once an edge of a device is longer than 25 cm, the dealer may refuse to take it back until a new device is purchased from him. Since most microwaves are wider than 25 cm, a withdrawal of larger dealers can therefore be denied if you do not want to buy new equipment.

recycling center

The levy in the recycling center or recycling center is unproblematic with electronic waste. Microwaves are always accepted. The transport to the recycling center is the responsibility of the owner of the device.

Specialist disposal company

If you can not or do not want to do the transport yourself, you can also hire a professional waste disposal company to pick up the microwave. But you have to count on fees. In some municipalities also the disposal companies offer a possibility of paid (sometimes free) pickup.

In other municipalities, a certain amount of electronic waste may also be put into regularly collected bulky waste.

Tips & Tricks

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