Microwave leaking - what does that mean?

After every repair of a microwave, a so-called "professional leak proof test" must be carried out. What this means, why that is required, and how to quickly check for yourself if there is a leak in the microwave, read in this post.

Radiation leakage in the microwave

Microwave radiation must not escape from a microwave. The quantities are anyway too low for household appliances, in order to cause serious damage, eye damage or microwave burns, however, can never be completely ruled out.

But this is also the only possible damage that can be caused by microwaves.

Regulation for leak testing

After every opening of the device, a leak test with professional devices is compulsory. Otherwise, the validity of the VDE certificate (approval of the device) expires immediately.

For this reason, all repairs of microwaves are reserved exclusively for the appropriate professionals and accordingly expensive.

Alternative methods for leak proof testing

The methods presented below are no substitute for a leak test, But they can be used to check the microwave itself once for safety's sake for possible radiation leaks.

Laptop MethodTurn off the microwave. The laptop, which must be equipped with an 802.11 (WLAN) wireless network card, must be put into the microwave. He must be connected to the network. Close the door and ping the laptop. The ping must not reach the laptop and be answered, otherwise the microwave is leaking.Radio waves behave in a similar way to microwaves and have comparable properties. Leaks for one wave mean leaks for the other.
Key MethodClose the microwave and turn it on. Dangle a key about 5 - 10 cm from the door. The key must not show any sparks. The best way to darken the room to see sparks better.Escaping radiation generates sparks on the key.
visual inspectionThoroughly inspect the microwave for chipping, worn seals or bumps and cracks.When intact, radiation leaks are rare.

Tips & Tricks

The critical issue for microwave sealing is actually the door. Everything has to be alright here, otherwise there will be radiation soon. Microwaves with radiation leaks should no longer be operated.

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