Microwave no longer heats - what to do?

If the microwave is running, but nothing heats up, good advice is expensive. What causes can be found, and what options are available for a repair, see this post.

Possible causes of the defect

If the lights and fans are still running, but the microwave is not heating up, the causes can be manifold. Possible are among others

  • Capacitor defective
  • Microwave generator defective
  • Fuse on the microwave element defective

Such defects can occur for various reasons. If there was metal in the microwave, and sparking or lightning occurred, feedback could be the cause of damage to the microwave generator. Even a microwave operation can be responsible for such damage.

In addition, overheating and old age are possible causes that should be considered.

repair options

You can not carry out repairs inside the device yourself. After each opening, the device must be checked for leaks with a special leak detector. These devices have only one expert, the test is essential to ensure safety during operation. If microwave radiation breaks out after improper opening and failure, this can be a high health burden.

For a professional repair you have to assume at least 40 - 50 EUR costs. There are also needed spare parts and the time required for the repair. Worthwhile is a repair so only for very small and easy to repair damage, such as the replacement of a fuse. If the damage is greater, repair is seldom economical. Already from 50 - 60 EUR can be found in the cheapest new equipment.

Tips & Tricks

If you detect a defect, crackling or crackling noises or even sparking, you should no longer put the microwave into operation, but have it repaired or replaced immediately.

Video Board: Repair A Microwave That's Not Heating