Repair the microwave

The German favorite kitchen appliance is the microwave, you often hear. However, once our favorite device gives up, the question arises of what repairs can be done and when repairs are even worthwhile. Answers to these questions are in this article.

Cost-effectiveness of repairs

Microwave ovens are complex technical devices. Repairs can therefore be very complex and therefore very expensive for certain damages.

In view of the very low purchase price for a new microwave oven (starting at around 50 EUR), only very simple repairs are worthwhile, and the replacement parts are very cheap. What kinds of repairs are that, read below.


From the attempt of a self-repair of the microwave you should definitely refrain, even if it is a guide to find. As soon as a device has been opened, it must be subjected to a radiation measurement by a specialist before it is allowed to start up again. This ensures that no potentially harmful stray radiation can still escape from the device.

If such a measurement is not carried out, the VDE approval of the device automatically disappears. It is then officially no longer safe.

In addition, one should bear in mind that in the complex electronics repairs are hardly possible anyway, and larger spare parts often can reach the cost of a new device already. Even for savvy repair attempts are hardly worth anyway anyway.

Possible repairs

Certain, frequently occurring defects can, under certain circumstances, be repaired inexpensively by a specialist. These repairs are often worthwhile compared to a new purchase, but this also depends on the brand, model and extent of damage.

malfunctionRepair possibility of the expert
Timeout brokenIf the timer does not work, a relay is usually responsible. Such relays can be easily and inexpensively exchanged by a person skilled in the art. One should also think of fuse defects in the device (with keypad) or damage to the camshaft (with rotary selector switches). Both can also be exchanged cost-effectively
Defective interior lightingIf there is no light in the oven, only one single bulb needs to be replaced. This is often very easy with older devices, but often not with older devices.
Damage to the turntable driveThe motor and the drive of a turntable can often be replaced inexpensively or repaired. However, this is always dependent on the particular design, and can be sometimes costly. The best estimate can be made.

Tips & Tricks

Damage to the microwave oven is usually the death sentence for the microwave. An exchange is worthwhile here almost never.

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