Microwave is running - what does that mean?

If the microwave continues to sound audibly after opening the door, the panic is often great. What this tracking can mean, and where it comes from, read in this post. In addition, which dangers are definitely excluded.

How the microwave works

Despite the ease of use for the user, the functioning of the microwave is not so easy to recognize.

It is important to know that there are two different parts involved in running the microwave: on the one hand the microwave generator (formerly a magnetron) and on the other hand a cooling fan, which also works audibly.

Function of the cooling fan

The cooling fan is necessary to safely and specifically dissipate the high heat generated. The microwave generator is embedded in a very thick and efficient cooling element. Only around 65% of the power consumed in the microwave is actually converted into microwaves, while 35% of the energy consumed already becomes waste heat during operation, which must be dissipated.

What happens when you turn off the microwave?

The microwave generator switches off when opening the door immediately, so that no radiation can escape from the oven. It basically only works when the door is completely closed.

The cooling fan can still continue unhindered when the door is open. This is also useful so that the existing, high temperatures can also be sufficiently dissipated. Since it works clearly audible, it is often confused with the sound of the working microwave. In fact, only the cooling fan continues to audibly continue.

A microwave oven can run particularly long if the grill has been switched on for a long time. This results in even higher temperatures than usual. Accordingly, the time is long to cool.

Tips & Tricks

Because of the high temperatures that a microwave generates during operation, it is important to pay attention to observing the safety distances required by the manufacturer when installing the microwave, and never to close or adjust the ventilation openings. It is due to the heat accumulation otherwise high fire hazard!

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