Rent a row center house

For many people, rent is the ideal way of living: no high initial costs and a high degree of flexibility are the big advantages. This article tells you the pros and cons, if you decide to rent a row center house.

The mid-town house - recommended?

As row middle house one calls each row house, which lies between two other row houses, thus directly surrounded by them. This location brings a decisive advantage: Since the heat loss through the directly adjacent houses is significantly lower than in a detached house, the heating costs are lower.

Like any other house, however, the row center house also has disadvantages, such as the low incidence of light: The directly adjacent houses ensure that no light falls from two sides of the house. If the terraced house is not optimally insulated, a possible noise pollution from two sides is another disadvantage.

Rent a row center house: house

Should you rent it?

Whether you buy or rent the row center house is a very individual decision. While the rent for flexible people who change their residence now and then is recommended, the purchase is a financially more predictable option in which you will not suffer any rent increases. Since the row house has certain disadvantages such as a possible noise pollution, which become clear only after a long period of living, the rent is due to their flexibility of advantage.

But even in other cases, such as a bad neighborhood, which you can not see in sightseeing, the rent saves you a lot of effort: Since you are not tied to the mid-range house, moving is not even half as expensive as a house bought,

Tips & Tricks

Compare as many semi-detached houses as you can before you decide. Although the rent is more flexible than a purchase, moving is always associated with certain circumstances.

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