Mineral concrete - density and weight

Mineral concrete may consist of different mineral substances with different grain size. Depending on the particle size, the density of the mineral concrete is then also different. Since this also has an effect on the weight of a covering or a substructure, you must always be careful here.

Density and weight

The density specifications of the bulk material always refer to the loose fill of the material. As a rule, however, mineral concrete is compacted during installation. Compressing increases the density of the material as well as the weight it exerts, as there is more material in the same volume.

If mineral concrete is mixed with another material with a particularly small grain size, the density of the material increases sharply, since the small Körmer fill almost all cavities. As a result, the weight of the mineral concrete ceiling increases massively.

This is especially important to note:

  • on substrates with only low load capacity
  • for mineral concrete foundations, which should reach a given height
  • in road construction and road construction, when the ceiling must not exceed a certain weight in order not to overload the substructure

Tips & Tricks

The effect of compacting with the vibrating plate can not be calculated exactly; the most accurate estimates are needed here. Contact an expert for this.

Video Board: High density concrete mixing with MagnaDense