Mineral concrete - what prices do you pay?

Mineral concrete forms an excellent and high quality base course under paving, paths or paved areas. The prices for individual mineral mixtures can sometimes be very different. Read more here.

Prices for mineral concrete

Looking through price tables it becomes clear that gravel and mineral concrete can be very different in price. Some products cost almost $ 100 a ton, others just $ 20 a ton or even lower.

The price differences of the individual products are then additionally exacerbated by the regional price differences and the price differences between the individual dealers. So before you buy mineral concrete, you should absolutely compare the prices as comprehensively as possible. With differences in such height a comparison is worthwhile anyway.

Some guideline prices of different building material dealers in Germany as comparison:

  • Concrete recycling 0-32 10.71 EUR / t
  • Concrete recycling 0-45 13.71 EUR / t
  • Frost protection 0-32 35,00 EUR / t
  • Blast furnace mineral concrete 20,59 EUR / t
  • Limestone gravel 0-45 29,69 EUR / t

Delivery of mineral concrete

Mineral concrete is best delivered. However, in most cases this is only worthwhile starting at a certain size. Mineral concrete should be used anyway only for larger areas, because for small areas of effort is simply disproportionately high.

Determine need

Determining the need for mineral concrete is not so easy. In most cases, you need to estimate fairly reliably to determine the quantity.

If you multiply the length and width of the base course and multiply the result by the desired height of the base course, you get the volume you have to fill in m³ when you take the length, width and height in meters.

The problem is only: They get bulk and mineral concrete, even after cubic meters, however, the cubic meter refer to the dealer always loose bulk. Your mineral concrete bed is, however, at least doubly or triply compacted.

That means you need more material accordingly. How much more can not be precisely calculated in any way, but only estimated reasonably, since the effect of compaction can not be predicted, and of course with the grain size and the grading curve of the rock mix changed. It is best to rely on the dealer's estimate, in most cases it is relatively accurate.

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