Mineral wool 032: insulation at a high level

For mineral wool 032, the numerical value indicates the so-called heat conduction group. The lower this value, the higher the insulation effect. With WLG 032, the highest commercially available insulating effect in mineral wool is generally achieved. What else you need to know about this product group, you can read here. You will also find additional links and current offers.

Background information

For the heat conduction groups, the lower the value, the higher the insulation effect. Heat transfer groups apply equally to both rock wool and glass wool - the term mineral wool always refers to both product groups.

In addition to the pure insulation effect, it also depends on the acoustic insulation - here rock wool is usually significantly superior to the cheaper glass wool at the same thickness. The refractoriness of rock wool with up to 1,000° C temperature resistance is almost half that of glass wool. But rock wool is also much heavier than glass wool.

Current offers (as of: 2013)

clamping felt
WLG 035bausep.de3,87 EUR / m²
WLG 032isover.de4,25 EUR / m²
Cavity wall insulation insulation boards
WLG 035 from Ursaeu-baustoffhandel.de3,47 EUR / m²
MW cover skirt 036hoba-baustoffe.com6,40 EUR / m²

What to look for when buying? / Recommendations

When deciding whether to use rock wool or glass wool, there are two criteria to consider: Rock wool is generally very heavy, so the load on individual parts is much higher than that of glass wool. Wherever high fire resistance is required, however, rock wool is always preferable to glass wool. However, there are no differences in terms of heat insulating properties - both mineral wool types are available in all heat conduction groups between 040 and 032.

Plan insulation correctly

How much insulation is required for the core or roof insulation is always decided individually. In the absence of forced ventilation, over-insulation can in some cases even lead to moisture and mildew - so you can certainly do too much for the good. As a rule, experts, such as architects or civil engineers, after an appraisal of the actually meaningful extent of the insulation provide information. This not only saves costs, but also prevents possible damage due to extensive insulation.

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