Miniteich - Miniteich create in the barrel

The pond in the barrel for small gardens and more flexibility

Miniteich - Miniteich create in the barrel: pond

Has water a calming and fascinating effect on the human. The view of a pond with blossoming water lilies is relaxation for the senses. You do not have to be a garden owner to enjoy your own pond. A mini pond can also be found on the balcony and can be created without much effort.

For a mini pond almost every vessel is suitable: A beer or wine barrel, a glazed ceramic bucket, a zinc tub, a trough or a deep bowl. The main thing, the vessel is waterproof and wider than high - height at least 10 centimeters.

Vessels that are not waterproof can knocked out with pond liner become. Before building a mini pond, there are several aspects to consider:

  1. Should the mini pond on the balcony its load must be checked. The vessel filled with plants and water can be very heavy depending on the size.
  2. Is recommended a semi-sunny place for the mini pond. The plants need enough light to grow. Too much plump sun gets the pond, however, not good, as it favors a strong algae formation.
  3. The mini pond not directly under a tree because the small surface of the water would quickly become covered with fallen leaves.

If these three conditions are met, the mini-pond will be the best built there, where he should stand in the future. Once the vessel is filled with plants and water, it can be difficult to move.

Miniteich - Miniteich create in the barrel: barrel

Utensils for mini-pond construction

Shopping list for a mini pond

  • Vessel: wine barrel oak, 45 centimeters high, 70 centimeters in diameter
  • pond plants
  • 3-5 mm thick pond liner
  • pond earth
  • decorative gravel
  • plants Baskets
  • paving stones
  • floating ball

You will also need:

  • stapler
  • scissors
  • trowel
  • PE fleece or newsprint

Planting Tips

The following list presents a selection of pond plants. In any case, an underwater plant is recommended, which serves as an oxygen donor, for example, needlewort.

Water level 10 to 20 centimeters:

  • bulrush
  • Iris pseudacorus
  • Sumpfgladiole

Water level 20 to 30 centimeters:

  • arrowhead
  • Pickerel weed
  • White water lily

Water level 30 to 40 centimeters:

  • mare's tail
  • Water Iris
  • Red or pink water lily

Underwater plants:

  • needle herb
  • pondweed
  • waterweed

Step-by-step construction manual for the mini-pond in a wine barrel

1. There is no drop

If the vessel, for example a wooden barrel, is not watertight, it will lined with pond liner. In doing so, you spread out the foil, put it on the bottom of the barrel and weigh it down with stones. Then you stroke the film on the inside of the barrel and tacked on the edge. The film should not be too taut because it can tear otherwise. Then the excess film residues are cut off over the edge of the drum with scissors.

2. Pond plants in the baskets

Inserting in the baskets ensures that the plants in the miniature pond do not spread too much. Another advantage: the baskets can be used later be attached to different depths of water - depending on the needs of the plants. Therefore, plants with the same water depth (note signs on the plants!) Belong together in a basket. First, the plant baskets with polyethylene fleece - if necessary, also with newspaper - knocked out, so that the Teicherde, which is then filled, does not trickle out. Put the plants in the pond soil and press well.

3. Fill up with gravel

Finally, cover the soil layer with clean gravel. The prevents the washing away the earth and the leaching of the plants when the pond is filled with water.

Miniteich - Miniteich create in the barrel: pond

Tie pond foil tightly to the edge of the drum

Miniteich - Miniteich create in the barrel: create

Put pond plants in the baskets

Miniteich - Miniteich create in the barrel: barrel

Put gravel and stones in the barrel

4. At the right height

The plant baskets are arranged on pond bottom and stones so that the plants are in the appropriate depth. Tips for the optics: Higher plants, such as horsetails and cattails in the background, water lilies and smaller plants in the center and the foreground. In addition, a gravel pond floor designed with gravel looks particularly nice.

5. Water march

Carefully the water is taken in. Tap water is just as suitable as sifted rainwater.

6. The finished pond

The fantasy of decorating are no limits set. The floating metal ball is a pretty ornament with its reflective gloss. Maybe also install a water feature - for a soothing rippling and light reflections on the water. However, water lilies must be avoided because they can not tolerate a restless pond surface.

Attention: fish do not belong in a mini pond

care Tips

to refill water

A mini pond always needs water supply. The best is the rain or tap water when filling about as warm as the pond itself.

Remove algae

Algae and proliferating swimming and underwater plants should be regularly removed from the minituit.

Frost-resistant mini pond container

Not all mini pond containers are frost resistant. Important to know: Which plants can overwinter outside, which should be brought into the house better?

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