Cleaning mirrors: Which means are best?

Mirrors in the bathroom must be cleaned regularly with toothpaste residues and water stains. For effective cleaning, various cleaning agents and home remedies are available. However, there are also detergents that are not suitable for the mirror plaster. Learn more below.

Which means are suitable for cleaning a mirror?

Water and detergent

Light soiling is best removed with warm water and a dash of detergent.

Lemon juice and vinegar

Lemon juice not only smells good, it also cleans and disinfects at the same time. Vinegar is also an effective home remedy that even removes limescale easily. Pour a teaspoon of lemon juice and a dash of vinegar into a quart of warm water. Dip a clean rag into the water and use it to clean the mirror.


Putzspiritus is an environmentally friendly way to get the mirror clean. It is also advantageous here that the spirit acts against the so-called Spiegelfrasse, a corrosion of the mirror, which normally propagates from the edge inwards.

The right drying is the A & O

When cleaning the mirror, it is especially important that you rub it properly after cleaning. Use a dry microfiber cloth. This has the advantage that it does not fuzz and does not charge statically. Many people also use newspaper to dry their mirrors. Negatively, however, this can affect the printing ink, which may rub off on the mirror glass under certain circumstances. Urgently discouraged by linting towels.

Which means are not suitable for cleaning the mirror?

Window cleaner

Many people clean their mirrors with window cleaner. This is urgently advised against. Although the mirrors are clean, but the window cleaner contains a chemical that dissolves the mirror film. Therefore, by permanently cleaning a mirror with window cleaning agent brown spots on the edge of the mirror (so-called Spiegelfraß) can form.


It is not recommended to use abrasives or abrasives to clean mirrors. These damage the surface and lead to scratches when used continuously.

So the mirror does not fog up

Do you also have the problem that your mirror is misted after bathing or showering? If you want to counteract this, these methods are suitable:

  • Cleaning cloth: After drying, rub your mirror with a cloth.
  • Anti-fog cloth for the car: Also special anti-fog cloths for the car help wonders. Even so, it only needs to be rubbed over the dry mirror.
  • Soap: Alternatively, you can rub your mirror thoroughly with curd soap and then polish dry. This also prevents fogging of the mirror.

How blind mirrors learn to see again

Through direct sunlight mirrors can get blind spots. Preventively, you should therefore hang your mirror so that not directly the sun shines on it. But even if your mirror is blind, there are ways to remedy it: rub the mirror with linseed oil, let it work for a few minutes and wipe it dry with a dry cloth.

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