Drilling mirrors: That's how you do it right

To drill a hole in a mirror, you will need a drill and a special glass attachment. If you do not have a drill, it would be cheaper to hire a glazier to drill a hole in your mirror. If you do it yourself, you should pay a lot of attention.

You should pay attention to this when drilling a mirror

  • Drill it from the back so that the drill drills cleanly through the mirror foil first.
  • When the drill has arrived on the other side, you should turn the mirror over and drill the rest from the other side so that the glass does not tear around the hole.
  • Wet the mirror continuously with water.
  • Use gloves and, best of all, goggles to protect yourself from broken glass.
  • Place the mirror on a flat surface, on which the mirror surface rests completely. Take off frame or the like.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to attach your mirror to the wall, you can stick it on. How exactly this works, you will learn here.

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