Engraving mirrors: That's how it works

A beautifully engraved mirror is a great gift and a beautiful adornment on the wall. You can easily engrave mirrors yourself or have them engraved professionally. How this works, we explain in detail in this post.

What should be considered when engraving mirrors?

A mirror is engraved on the back. That means the motives have to be applied mirror-inverted. The mirror foil is carefully scraped off and the resulting free surfaces form the engraving. Then you can bring the engraved mirror to the wall or you can deposit it with a colorful paper, so that the engraving is colored.

Which tool is suitable for engraving mirrors?

In order not to damage the mirror glass, you should use a scraping tool made of plastic for the engraving. Alternatively, you can work very carefully with a blunt knife. Less fine subjects can also be scratched with a pen. Then you will have to clean the engraved area.

What can be engraved?

The easiest way to engrave simple, rough motifs or letters in the mirror. If the mirror is still to be used as such, you should engrave only the edge, so that the mirror image is not disturbed. Of course, if he is just a decoration, you can engrave it completely.

Engrave mirror yourself step by step

  • Scraper tool with plastic tip
  • Pen or water-resistant felt-tip pen (for example Edding)
  • possibly template & standard paper

1. premals

If you would like to engrave a beautiful motif from the Internet on your mirror, you can simply print it, preferably in black and white.

You can then transfer the motif to the back of the mirror with blank paper. You may need to trace it with a marker to make it easy to see.

Alternatively, you can cut out a template and trace its shape with a felt-tip pen on the back of the mirror. Or you can simply paint your motive by hand.

2. Engraving

With a scraping tool made of plastic or a blunt knife you can now carve your motive in the mirror foil. Do not press too hard (especially if you use a knife), so you do not damage the glass.

3. Background

The mirror can now be hung on the wall so that the engraving takes on the wall color. Alternatively, you can also glue colorful paper on the mirror back, so that the engraving is colored. You can even put different parts with different colors, so that the picture is multicolored.

Tips & Tricks

Online you will find providers who engrave a whole photo on a mirror. This is a great, personal gift.

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