Building Mirror Frames: A Guide

Mirror frames are available in many different materials and in every imaginable color and shape. But often beautiful frames are quite expensive. It is very easy to make a frame yourself. We explain how it works.

Simple way to make a frame

The easiest way is to stick your mirror on a plywood board or a nice wooden board and let it go all the way over. This method is particularly suitable for smaller mirrors. For gluing the mirror to the wood, you can use special mirror glue or double-sided tape.
After the mirror has dried on the wood, you can decorate the resulting frame as desired.

More complicated way to build a frame

  • Cordless Drills
  • tape measure
  • saw
  • To force
  • mirror
  • 4 wooden slats in width for the visible part
  • 4 wooden slats that correspond to the depth of the mirror
  • 4 triangular smaller corner pieces as well as 4 small side pieces
  • wood glue
  • small screws

1. Cropping

First, you should saw the 4 wooden slats for the outer area so that when you put all parts together, the mirror overlaps the wood one to two centimeters on all sides. You can have them cut right when you buy at the hardware store.

2. The second layer

Now glue the second layer of wood with some wood glue. To do this, it is best to first place the outer strips with the side facing outwards on your base and form the frame.
Then place the mirror (with the later visible side down) on top.

The second layer should now be glued so that it closes exactly with the mirror. Mark on all sides, where the wood has to be glued on and then stick it with wood glue.

Clamp the glued woods to dry in a clamp.

3. Hold the mirror

So that the mirror does not fall out behind, a holder must be attached. These are the corner and side pieces there. With small screws you now screw on all corners of a triangular, flat piece of wood, the tip of which points into the top of the frame. The longest side should point inwards towards the mirror and protrude a few inches over the second layer of wood, so that the mirror is held by it.

Before you screw on the corner pieces, be sure to put the mirror in the frame! Once all corner pieces are screwed on, nothing can go out but not into it.

Finally, screw on all sides approximately in the middle of a rectangular flat piece of wood, which should also hold the mirror, so must protrude a bit over the mirror back.

4. Put the mirror on the wall

All that remains is to put the mirror on the wall. In wallpapered walls, it is useful to drill into the wall and attach the mirror with wall brackets to screws in the wall. In the bathroom on tiles, you can also glue the mirror.