Hanging mirrors: These possibilities are there

There are many different ways how and where to hang a mirror. In this article we explain what you should consider when choosing the location and which methods are suitable for hanging up a mirror.

The right location for the mirror

Of course, mirrors should hang so that you can see yourself in them. Make sure that it is neither too high nor too low, but that you can look at it comfortably when you stand in front of it.
Mirrors are very sensitive to the sun. Direct sunlight can cause the mirror to get blind spots. Therefore, you should avoid, if possible, that your mirror gets sun. If your mirror has stains, you can rub it with linseed oil. Briefly apply the oil and then remove with a cloth or tissue. This is how the blind spots disappear.

So you can hang your mirror

There are several ways to attach a mirror. Here is an overview:

  • Stick mirror with mirror adhesive: This method is only suitable for smooth, even surfaces such as wood or tiles. Make sure that you have to support the mirror during the dry season or have it lying horizontally. Not every glue is suitable for gluing a mirror. Conventional adhesives and silicones contain solvents that interfere with the mirror film. In the long term, it then stains on the mirror. Therefore, you should only use adhesives and silicones that are noted that you can use them for gluing mirrors. Please ask at your local hardware store.
  • Glueing mirrors with double-sided adhesive tape: This is particularly suitable, for example. Mounting tape, which is also used for attaching other heavy objects. Sticking a mirror with tape is inexpensive and above all, the glue does not have to dry before it can carry the full weight of the mirror.
  • Fasten the mirror with rope and hook: This method is useful if you do not want to stick your mirror, but also do not want to drill down your tiles. In this case, just drill a single hole in the center of the mirror into the wall, attach a hook with a dowel and hang the mirror on a strong rope.
  • Fasten mirrors with two or more dowels in the wall: This method is the safest but also the most elaborate. In this post we explain how to proceed step by step.

Tips & Tricks

Before you hang your mirror, you can decorate it elegantly, make it according to the season, stick it with shells and sand or paint it a nice frame.

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