Sticking mirrors on tiles: That's how it works

If you want to fix a mirror in your bathroom, you do not need to drill holes in it. In a few steps, you can simply stick mirrors of any size to the wall. How to proceed step by step is explained below.

So stick your mirror on your tiles

  • spirit level
  • tape measure
  • felt-tip pen
  • possibly trowel
  • cleaning supplies
  • microfiber cloth
  • Mirror adhesive or mounting tape
  • possibly putty

1. fillings

A mirror should only be glued to intact, even tiles. If your tiles show damage, you should first repair them with putty. Note the drying times on the package!

2. Cleaning

To keep the adhesive well, the surfaces that come into contact with the adhesive must be free of dust, dirt and grease. Therefore, you should first clean the tiles and the back of the mirror with a little warm water and degreasing detergent (dish soap, nail polish remover or similar).

Then rub tiles and mirrors dry with a microfiber cloth. Do not use a lint-free cloth to dry it!

3. Mark tiles

Since the position of the mirror can not be corrected after gluing, it is important to plan it well and label it first.

To do this, you can first hold the mirror against the wall and mark how high it should hang. Also mark the pages.

Then measure with a tape measure the mirror and check with the tape measure whether he, for example. hangs in the middle of the sink. If necessary, correct the markings.

4. Apply glue

Spread the back of the mirror generously with glue. Be sure to provide the corners and edges with good adhesive.

If you use adhesive tape, you should mask off all corners and edges with adhesive tape. It should not overlap!

5. Attach

Now push the mirror against the wall. Let yourself be helped so that you do not have to correct the position! This is not possible with adhesive tape and only possible with liquid adhesive immediately after application.

If you have used liquid adhesive, you should support the mirror during the dry season. You can e.g. Press a pull-out shower stall against it.

Tips & Tricks

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