Sticking mirrors on wood: That's how it works

If you want to mount a mirror on a wooden surface, you do not necessarily have to pierce your beautiful cabinet. Instead, you can simply stick the mirror in place. Below we explain what you need to look for and which adhesive is suitable for it.

How do you stick a mirror?

It is very important that you only use special mirror glue. Conventional glue and especially silicone attack the mirror foil. Therefore, you should buy special mirror glue or mirror silicone in the hardware store.
Alternatively, you can also use double-sided tape. Here you should, especially at larger mirrors, strongest possible tape such. Use mounting tape.

What is to be considered when gluing a mirror on wood?

Both the cabinet part on which the mirror is to be glued and the back of the mirror must be thoroughly cleaned of grease, dirt and dust before gluing. On greasy or dusty surfaces, the adhesive will not last and you risk losing your mirror after a short time.
If you use liquid glue or silicone, the mirror should be supported during the dry season. You can do this, for example, on the other hand, lift an extendable curtain or shower curtain rod. Alternatively, you can remove the cabinet door and let the mirror dry horizontally.

How to glue your mirror step by step on wood

  • maybe something to support
  • cleaning supplies
  • microfiber cloth
  • pencil
  • tape measure
  • Spirit level or spirit level app
  • Mirror adhesive or double-sided adhesive tape
  • mirror
  • Cabinet door or similar

1. Preparation

Clean the back of the mirror and the cabinet part where the mirror should be fitted with warm water and detergent. Then rub both with a microfiber cloth dry. Both mirror and cabinet must be completely dry before you can start gluing!

At best, you should remove the cabinet door and lay flat on the floor so that the mirror can dry off horizontally.

2. Measuring

Now measure exactly where the mirror should go. This is best done in pairs. One is holding the mirror and the other is looking at it from different angles. But you can also easily measure the mirror and draw with the tape measure on the cabinet.

Use a pencil to mark the top or bottom edge of the mirror and the two corners. Use a spirit level to check if the line is horizontal.

3. Attach

Now generously apply glue to the back of the mirror. Be sure to apply glue especially at the edges and in the corners. Then push the mirror onto the wood. Immediately check the position again with a spirit level.

Now allow the mirror to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions (on the package leaflet of the adhesive).

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