Adjust mirrors: That's how you do it right

Proper adjustment of mirrors on the car is extremely important for safety and correct driving. How to properly adjust your interior and exterior mirrors and what to look for while driving is explained below.

Adjust interior mirror correctly

The inside mirror is usually easy to manually move up and down and left and right. In order to find the optimal position, you should sit down as you usually drive a car. Of course you should not stop the mirror when driving! In the interior mirror, the entire rear window should be visible. As a guideline: In the middle of the mirror, you should see the center of the rear window.

Adjust the exterior mirrors correctly

The exterior mirrors can be moved either manually on the right and left levers on the driver and front passenger doors or electronically using the corresponding buttons. Again, it is important to find the optimal horizontal and vertical adjustment.

  • Horizontally, you can be guided by the fact that the actual horizon (naturally in a flat landscape) should be roughly in the middle of the mirror, so that meadows, roads and other things can be seen on the floor in the lower half of the mirror, while in the upper one Half sky, cars, houses, trees etc. dominate.
  • Vertically, most people adjust their mirrors so that you can see the rear door handle in normal sitting position. For a two-door car, you should be able to see the back of your own car. Here, however, it is possible to turn the mirror so far out that your own car disappears from the mirror. So the blind spot is reduced and you see a bigger part of the road. However, it makes parking difficult because you can not see your own car.

Every person is different

The optimal mirror position depends on the height, the driving behavior and to a certain extent on individual preferences. Therefore, every time you drive a foreign car, you should first adjust the mirrors. It is unlikely that the settings of the previous driver will match yours.

Nevertheless, always look over your shoulder!

By orienting the outside mirrors as far as possible, you can reduce the blind spot to a minimum. Still, it's imperative that you look over your shoulder before changing lanes. Every year there are numerous accidents due to underestimated blind spots. Better play it safe and take a quick look over your shoulder before overtaking to make sure nothing really comes of it.

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