Spice Up Mirrors: Great Ideas

A simple mirror can be super-spiced up with a few simple means. Which means and methods are suitable, we have put together in this article for you.

Why spice it up?

With a bit of color can be made of boring mirrors a real unique. A beautifully designed mirror is also a great gift. Even old mirrors can be spiced up and restored with a bit of creativity. Small damage to the edge disappear by gluing.

How can mirrors be spiced up?

  • Paint the mirror with stained glass paints
  • Mirror with all sorts of light objects, such as Stick feathers, wood, feathers or plant parts
  • Engrave mirrors by scratching something on the back of the mirror into the foil. Here we explain it in more detail.
  • Framing mirrors to match the season.
  • Decorate the mirror with a glittering sparkle.
  • Get the holiday mood: Decorate your mirror with sand and shells.
  • Paint a beautiful patterned frame on your mirror.

Video Board: DIY: How to SPICE up a Mirror