Fasten mirror: With double-sided adhesive tape

There are many different ways to attach a mirror. Often you do not want to drill ugly holes in tiles, walls or the cabinet door. What other options are there to secure a mirror permanently secure, you will learn in the following.

Glue mirror with adhesive

Mirrors can be reliably glued to wood or tiles with a special mirror adhesive. What you need to look for in this post.

Stick mirror with adhesive tape

As an alternative to the liquid adhesive, you can also use double-sided adhesive tape. This is only suitable for smooth, even surfaces such as tiles or wood. An advantage over liquid adhesives is that no drying time has to be maintained when bonding with adhesive tape.
You should use as strong a tape as possible. The best is mounting tape, which is specially designed for attaching mirrors.
The mirror and the surface to which the mirror is to be glued must first be cleaned and dried again, so that the adhesive tape holds well.

Install a mirror with tape step by step

  • cloth
  • bucket
  • microfiber cloth
  • spirit level
  • tape measure
  • Bleisift
  • Double sided mounting tape
  • mirror
  • Fit

1. Cleaning

Before applying the tape, clean the back of the mirror and the tiles or wood to which the mirror is to be attached thoroughly with water and a fit. Then rub both with a microfiber cloth dry. If you are going to stick the mirror on untreated wood, you may want to dry it with a hair dryer.

2. Mark

Mark with tape measure and pencil on the tiles or the wood where the mirror is to be mounted. Check with a spirit level that the horizontal edge is horizontal.

3. Attach adhesive tape

First glue the tape to the back of the mirror. Start with the edges. Stick the tape as close to the edge as possible and into the outermost corner.

For large mirrors, it is important that you tap the entire edge. The tape should not overlap!

Then stick several strips at equal intervals in the center of the mirror and peel off the film.

4. Attach

Now stick the mirror on the marked spot. It is best to let someone help you in this last step because you can not correct the position of the mirror.

Hang mirror on a tight rope

Especially the tiles in the bathroom you often do not want to destroy by drilling. Often, however, the tiles do not go up to the ceiling. If you do not trust the glueing method, you can simply drill a hole in the wall above the tile and attach a dowel and hook to it. Buy a strong rope and attach it to the back of the mirror using self-adhesive mirror hangers. Now you can hang your mirror on the hook. This is also useful if you want to drill as few holes in the wall as possible.

Tips & Tricks

How to attach your mirror to the wall with holes is explained step by step in this article.

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