Miter: frame

If you like, the simple mitred connection is a variant of the butt joint. However, there are also clear differences. Here, the front sides of the two workpieces meet each other precisely. This is possible because the end faces of the wooden parts are bevelled for the connection. This increases the contact area between the workpieces, which increases the overall stability of the joint.

To the right one square For the corner joint to determine, it requires a little geometric knowledge. As a rule, the miter is the bisecting the angle with which you fix the two equally wide pieces of wood. This means: For a right-angle connection, z. As for a picture frame, ceiling or skirting, the ends of the wooden parts are sawed off at a 45-degree angle. In a so-called wrong miter Two workpieces of different widths are connected to each other. The calculation of the appropriate angles must therefore be done using the arctangent.

Materials and tools

  • Miter or bevel
  • Sharpener pencil
  • Miter saw, miter saw or miter box and fine saw
  • Belt tensioner or four miter clamps
  • wood glue


  • Wooden dowel, wood drill or flat dowel bur

Instructions Connection on miter

Miter: wooden

Miter mark by means of a bevel

Marking the miter

At a frame with four rectangular corner joints you first draw one with a miter or a bevel 45-degree angle on the ends of the four wooden parts. A curve can also be used for other angles, because it can be adjusted. In contrast, you can set the Miterungsmaß no other angle. But there is also no risk of inaccuracies.

Miter: wooden

Miter sawing with a miter saw

Sawing the miter

Subsequently, the sawing off the wooden strips. This is especially easy with a miter saw, with which one Angle between 0 and 90 degrees can cut. Even more comfortable with one electric miter saweven more cost-effective with a simple miter box and a fine saw, which is often used when sawing miter skirting boards. It is only important that you use a saw blade with small teeth, so that very precise and shatterproof cuts can succeed.

Miter: wooden

Mitred connection

Connect with screws, nails and dowels

To the To increase the stability of the connection mitred, you can use wooden dowelsthat disappear invisibly in the frame. Screwing or nailing the connection is of course also possible. But you rarely choose a visually appealing connection like the miter, then disfigure them with screws or nails. For cylindrical wooden dowels, you have to drill a hole in each of the workpieces to be joined or cut a groove for elliptical dowels (see also tongue and groove).

Cleaning, gluing and plastering

After putting the ends of the strips in 45-degree angle sawed off and the wooden dowel has introduced, the cut surfaces are cleaned and glued. You can fix the frame parts with a band tensioner or four miter clamps.

The clamping jaws of the belt tensioner ensure that the connections are pressed straight and at right angles to each other. This also applies to the miter clamps, which are placed on the frame corners with a spreading forceps. Finally, the frame edges are broken and the frame smoothed.

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