Mixing tap dripping in the shower - what can you do?

When the mixer tap drips in the shower, it can have different causes. What you can do, and what repair options there are, you will learn in detail in this article and the following guide.

Causes for the drop

A dripping mixer tap is almost always the result of defective or no longer effective seals. Such gaskets can be purchased inexpensively, usually you get even for about 5 EUR even complete gasket sets.

The replacement of the gaskets, which you can easily make yourself, fixes the problem in most cases.

Replace fitting

If a seal change does not bring success, then the replacement of the valve still remains. When buying new one should pay attention not only to the price, but always on the quality. Cheap faucets often do not have a particularly long life and thus quickly become a nuisance, but quality products can last for decades.

Gaskets change at the shower fitting - explained step by step

  • new seals (always exchange for both sides)
  • seal fat
  • Pipe wrench (water pump pliers)
  • rags

1. Shut off water

Close the main water cock completely and check if there is no more water in the shower. Then you can start.

2. Remove the shower hose

Unscrew the connection of the shower hose and remove it.

3. Remove the fitting

Place a piece of cloth between the connection screws of the fitting and the water pump pliers. Loosen the connection screws and then turn the screws completely by hand until you can remove the valve. Hold the fitting firmly so that it does not fall into the shower tray and cause damage.

4. Replace seals

Remove the old gaskets on both sides (one black and one red) and insert the new gaskets. Grease the new gaskets with a little grease and make sure they are seated correctly. The gaskets must not jam.

5. Reattach the fitting

Refit the shower fitting, install the shower hose. Open the stopcock and let water run, check for leaks.

Tips & Tricks

If the seal replacement is not successful, a complete replacement of the fitting is usually the most sensible measure to solve the problem.