Change the mixer tap on the bathtub - that's how it works

Faucets - due to calcification - simply a limited life. How to easily exchange them, and what steps are necessary for this, shows you in detail and clearly the following instructions.

Mixer taps and single-lever mixer

Basically, single-lever mixers and classic mixer taps with two valves differ in their function and structure. In many cases, one can be exchanged for the other as long as the connections fit. Single-lever mixers are the state of the art today, anyway.

Suitable fittings

Not all fittings are suitable for every installation situation. Low-pressure fittings must be connected to boilers because they are able to minimize the high water pressure from the line initially. Using a high pressure fitting that directly communicates water pressure to the boiler could damage the boiler.

If you connect a low-pressure fitting, you usually have three connections. In many cases, however, you will simply be able to connect a high-pressure fitting.

Change mixer tap - step by step

  • mixer tap
  • new seals
  • pipe wrench
  • maybe bucket

1. Turn off the water

Turn off the main valve and check if there is no water pressure. If necessary, place buckets in order to catch any residual water.

2. Disconnect the shower hose

Using the pipe wrench, open the connection to the shower hose (if present) and remove the hose from the fitting.

3. Open connections of the valve

Use the pipe wrench to open connections. Hold the tap when turning it upwards so that the old tap does not fall into the bathtub and damage it. Remove old fitting.

4. Install new fitting

Insert seals (always use new ones) in the new fitting and tighten the fitting. Remove the strainer from the fitting. Turn on the main tap again and turn on the valve fully, so that the water pressure releases possible calcifications from the lines. After the water has run for some time, screw sieve again.

5. Clamp the shower hose

Reconnect the shower hose to the new fitting and once again check for leaks.

Tips & Tricks

The sealing of a valve is usually easy with the existing seals. An additional sealing about with hemp or Teflon tape is not necessary.

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