Mobile water heater - what can these devices?

Warm water on the way - mobile water heaters make it possible. Which devices are available, what their performance is, and where their application options are, can be found in this article.

Possible applications for mobile instantaneous water heaters

When camping, showering is generally not a big problem: in most European countries camping is only allowed on campsites anyway - and sanitary facilities and showers are compulsory.

Camping and expedition mobiles almost always have integrated solutions - so they are rarely needed.

The applications are therefore limited to circumstances where there is no power connection, but a water connection or at least a clean source of water is available. When there is a power connection, a permanently installed instantaneous water heater is considerably more efficient and also more energy-efficient.

Since most mobile instantaneous water heaters are gas-powered, only a stationary use is conceivable - otherwise a gas cylinder must be carried. Operation in closed rooms is not possible with all appliances because of the exhaust gases from gas operation.

Performance and energy consumption of portable water heaters

High-quality appliances offer a water flow rate of around 4 - 5 liters per minute. The achievable water temperature through a mobile instantaneous water heater is around 50° C. The power is therefore sufficient for showering.

In terms of energy consumption, mobile water heaters prove to be less than optimal. For most of the units that provide the above performance, you can expect a gas consumption of about 1 kg / hour, depending on the set flow rate and water temperature.

So a conventional 5 kg gas bottle will last for about 5 to 6 hours. The weight of the (portable) mobile water heater, including the shower, is around 6 kg - so the overall weight is around 11 kg.

Gasoline and diesel powered equipment

More powerful domestic hot water generation appliances are also still portable, but run on gasoline or diesel, such as emergency generators. Power up to 100 kW is possible here, the producible water temperature is in the range of 95° C. Depending on the water temperature, it can heat up to 3,000 liters of water per hour.

The field of application of these devices is probably more or less limited to the disaster relief operation.

Alternative: solar shower and garden solar shower

For mobile outdoor use solar showers are certainly a good option. It is a simple, black bag that is filled with water and hung up.

By the sun shining on the bag, the water heats up (usually around 20 liters or 40 liters) and is then available for a shower. However, the warm-up time is at least 1.5 to 2 hours even on cloudless and hot summer days.

A similar (stationary) solution is also available for the garden. Here the shower is fixed, the water tank also holds around 20 - 40 liters. The heat-up time here is usually several hours in the summer. Such garden showers are available for around 100 - 200 EUR including mounting material.

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