Mobile construction manual: Mobiles from Easter to Christmas

Mobile construction manual: Mobiles from Easter to Christmas: construction

Mobiles are simply mesmerizing as their elements move in the wind. It is also particularly decorative, if the mobiles are designed to match the highlights of the year - for example, at Easter or Christmas.

We have a list of links belowMobile-building instructions which provides instructions and tips for various mobiles and window decorations. Whether happy Easter, scary Halloween or kitschy Christmas mobile, here you will surely find something suitable.

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Table of contents about Mobiles

  • Mobile and window decoration for Easter
  • Summery and maritime mobiles
  • Mobile construction manual: Autumn Mobiles
  • Build Mobile: Mobiles for Halloween
  • Mobiles for the winter and Christmas season

Further suggestions and tips tooceiling decorations and other filigree crafts are also available on the following pages:

  • Children's mobile: Mobiles for children and baby rooms
  • Do swinging animals yourself
  • Make garlands
  • Tinker halloween mobile

Mobile and window decoration for Easter

Chick Mobile

Chick mobile as a window decoration with feathers for Easter.

Butterfly Mobilé

Craft mobilé out of polymer clay, beads and cardboard

Easter Mobile

from colorful painted plastic eggs and polystyrene balls

Spring lamb mobile

Print template for a Mobilé with sweet lambs as decoration for spring and Easter.

Easter Mobile

with rabbits and little birds

Summery and maritime mobiles

Mobile with marine motifs

Crafting instructions for a breezy mobile made of paper with golden fish, starfish and algae.

Window picture with butterfly and flowers

Easy-to-use crafting instructions for a butterfly and flowers made of cardboard, construction paper and wobbly eyes.

Mobile with fish and waves

crafted from cardboard in various colors and tracing paper.

Shrunken feathers - a summer mobile

A Mobilé with feather motive made of colorful shrink plastic. Detailed illustrated instructions.
by Johanna Rundel

Mobile with beetles, balls and flowers

with egg hangers and colorful pompoms crafting instructions
at Bastelelfe

Mobile with different insects

Crafting instructions for a summer Mobilé with bees and butterflies on spiral springs
at Bastelelfe

Mobile: birds and flowers

Clay board with templates for the motifs.
at Bastelideen

Mobile with acrylic flowers

Make a friendly, flowery mobile with transparent flowers.


Tinker a Mobilé with Nemo clown fish motive made of cardboard
at creadoo

Butterfly Mobilé

Craft mobilé out of polymer clay, beads and cardboard

butterfly Mobile

Colorful mobile with butterflies of polymer clay and feathers

Origami mobile with goldfish

Crafting idea for a Mobilé with folded fish


with fish from stones
at Expli

Mobilé with flowers and butterflies

A step-by-step guide to a mobilé with flowers and butterflies

Mobile from shells

Mobilee spreading the beach feeling

flowers Mobile

Print templates for floral elements for the mobile

Pety - fish

from petys (wooden tiles) with glitter as scales and fins
at Kid's Action

Fisch-Mobilé [PDF]

from photo carton - colorful and in rainbow. Template als.pdf
at UHUSprache: German

Mobile construction manual: Autumn Mobiles

Mobile with hedgehogs

Coloring page for a hedgehog with autumnal mobile crafting idea

Make Buchecker Mobilé

hanging little dolls with pompoms and wobbly eyes
at Kiki's web

Mobile leaves [PDF]

Instructions for an autumn leaf mobile made of felt, which can also be used as a curtain
at Living at Home


Costume made of construction paper and cotton wool. Also suitable for mobile.
at Praxis Jugendarbeit

Build Mobile: Mobiles for Halloween

Mobilé for Halloween

Bats and ghosts from Tonis, Chenilla wire and paper.

Bat Mobilé

Mobilé with bats made of paper for Halloween tinker
at Sweetsociety

Ghosts Mobile

Instructions for a Ghost Mobile for Halloween.
at expli

Make decoration for the Halloween party

Skeletons, vampires, tombs, window pictures, mobilés, spider webs, pillows, lights
at Kidsaction

bat Mobile

for Halloween or carnival tinker
at Kiki's web

Spider web mobile with cord

Room decorations for the party: Creepy figures hanging on the net
at ZZZebra

Mobiles for the winter and Christmas time

Angel Mobilé

Crafting instructions for a mobilé made of small, painted wood angels. With free jigsaw templates as a download.

Engel-Mobilé as an advent calendar

Crafting instructions for a mobile with 24 angels made of cardboard and gold foil as an advent calendar.

star Mobile

for Christmas mood

Mobile from dried oranges

nice and fragrant even in winter
at Enjoyliving

Ice Mobile

Temporary mobile for fixing in front of windows or in the garden
at hoppsala

Nicholas Mobile

with artwork for an Advent Mobilee

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