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A flexible floor plan design allows movable partitions of transparent or opaque glass, Plexiglas or wood-based materials. This makes it possible to transform a room in a jiffy. The room-high elements slide individually or overlap in multiple tracks on a ceiling rail and run on the floor on rollers or in guide rails. Carpenters or glaziers make tailor-made sliding elements. However, many companies today offer lower-priced standard products in a variety of designs. The lighter version of the sliding walls are fabric panels that are mounted on a frame and move along wire rope systems. If one chooses translucent fabrics and tensions them from the floor to the ceiling, one obtains very filigree, immovable room dividers. However, airy curtain fabrics also cut a fine figure in the middle of the room, falling freely. If you want to vary the incidence of light, adjustable venetian blinds are ideal as a room divider. For better guidance, the slats made of wood or aluminum run on thin, vertically tensioned wires.

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Those who prefer a completely mobile, looser subdivision, will fall back on a screen. As foldable screens they are quickly put from one corner to the other. When there is a visitor outside the door and there is no time to tidy up, with their help disorder is quickly hidden. Screens usually consist of several rectangular boxes with sturdy frames connected by hinges. The fields can be filled with textile, leather, iron, bamboo or other materials. Screens can be made very well by yourself. There are no limits to creativity here.

The screen is made of black bamboo, the frame of American walnut.

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