Build a modern bungalow: You have to expect these prices!

A bungalow has a big advantage especially for older people: The annoying stair climbing falls away. But even for young families, life in the ground-floor building can be very pleasant. Where are the current prices for bungalows?

The bungalow: Residential house with advantages and disadvantages

A beautifully designed bungalow can look really classy, ​​especially if it has a flat sloping hipped or pitched roof. An L-shaped or U-shaped construction leaves room for a view-protected outside seat, which enhances both the look and the quality of living.

The price of the bungalow construction can be lower compared to a multi-storey detached house, if the demands of the client are not too big: The only floor has to carry only the roof, so the statics is not so complicated.

Build a modern bungalow: You have to expect these prices!: modern

The chimney is shortened at the bungalow, the expensive staircase is completely missing - unless a cellar is planned with.

Since the bungalow's entire living space is limited to one floor, it takes up more ground than an equally large multi-storey building. That is why property costs tend to be higher.

The heating costs can be higher in a bungalow, as such a building in relation to the interior has a particularly large outer surface: More heat is lost.

The price factors for the construction of a bungalow

  • number of rooms
  • living space
  • Shape of the building: U-shape more expensive than simple rectangle
  • Prefabricated house or massive house, compromise: prefabricated house
  • Passive house causes additional construction costs, alternative: energy-efficient house
  • Roof variant: Flat roof particularly cost-effective
  • Green roofs cost more
  • Cellar or part cellar cause additional costs

You can already buy a cheap finished bungalow in the lower price range for 70,000 to 100,000 EUR. Such offers usually apply from the upper edge of the floor slab for simple houses with a small square footage.

A massive house with a larger base for upscale claims costs from 150,000 EUR upwards. For a 80 square meter base plate you pay about 10,000 EUR, a prefabricated cellar costs you about 20,000 to 50,000 EUR.

The cost of a sample project

A couple wants to build a small bungalow, the two opt for a massive house of the middle price segment. The living area is 90 square meters, the building has no cellar.

Cost overviewprice
1. Earthworks3,500 EUR
2nd floor plate13,000 euros
3. 90 sqm bungalow, turnkey210,000 euros
total226,500 EUR

Save with bungalow craftsman costs

The ongoing costs in the beautification and repair work at the bungalow are relatively low. Many works can be carried out by the residents themselves, because each part of the building is easily accessible without scaffolding. Even craftsmen need at most a low ladder.

Tips & Tricks

Pay particular attention to a very good thermal insulation in your bungalow so as not to lose so much energy on the outer surfaces.

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