Modern bungalows trendy again

After the 1970s, when flat-roof bungalows were very much in fashion, enthusiasm dropped significantly. The mostly L-shaped buildings consumed a lot of floor space due to their single storey, which became more and more expensive. Since the emergence of modern factual and cubic architecture, bungalows are back in fashion.

Barrier-free and flexible

Modern bungalows are reminiscent of the advantages that their special construction has for the residents. Noteworthy is the elimination of stairs except in a possibly basement floor. This makes modern bungalows barrier-free and very well suited especially for older people. All living areas are accessible at ground level and facility changes with little effort possible.

The statics of a modern bungalow is usually designed so that there are no or hardly supporting walls in the interior house. This way, the bungalow can "grow" with the residents and, depending on requirements, walls and passages can be converted and adapted.

Modern bungalows trendy again: house

Advantages and disadvantages of the bungalow

The advantage of a modern bungalow, which is often emphasized by friends and enthusiasts, is its bright and open design. Large windows and shady roof increase the quality of living compared to conventional multi-storey houses.

The gain in space due to the fact that there is no need for a staircase is largely compensated for by the increased demand for floor space. A modern bungalow can create an optical generosity through an open and bright design. However, he always needs a large floor space to keep up with the comfort of living with a two- or multi-storey house.

Stylistic elements of modern bungalows

  • Ceiling-high window and door fronts
  • Integrated covered outdoor space
  • Flat roofs with pent roof domes
  • High ceilings up to five meters
  • Stringent and objective line shapes
  • Close-to-nature construction through skylights
  • Natural wood paneling
  • Asymmetrical wall and roof arrangement

Renovate old bungalow

The bungalows from the 1960s and 1970s usually waste a lot of energy from today's point of view. If you want to buy an old house and convert it into a modern bungalow, you have to plan a complex refurbishment. Often a new building is the cheaper alternative.

Tips & Tricks

Modern bungalows are offered in a large selection as prefabricated houses. The cheapest houses can be purchased from around 100,000 euros. Apart from the space requirement, the modern prefabricated house bungalows are among the cheapest types of house.

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