Schimmel reviewer - what does it cost and what does it cost?

For all problems, it is always best to turn to a knowledgeable expert - this also applies unrestricted with mold in your own living space. What a mold expert opinion shows, which methods are used, and what costs you will have to expect for an expert, is described in detail in this article.

When does an appraiser make sense?

The visit of a surveyor is basically always useful if the mold in the home or in the house is more than minimal. In particular, this is the case if:

  • more than half a square meter of the total area are affected (then, anyway, a professional removal of mold must be done, the reviewer can advise it, which methods are useful
  • if there is a suspicion of possible larger mold (mold is not always immediately visible)
  • if mold odors or possible mold odors are perceived, but the cause can not be localized
  • if you want to exclude that there are dangerous molds that can cause a serious health hazard
  • if you have health problems that may be due to mold toxins or mold, or if there are children or very sensitive pets in the house
  • if you want to prove to your landlord that your habitation was not the cause of mold growth

Methods of the expert

The appraiser will always first get a general idea of ​​the situation in the house or in the apartment, and then specifically check certain areas of risk. Different methods can be used for this:

  • Measurement of the degradation and metabolic products of mold fungi (MVOCs)
  • Checking the moisture content of components and hazardous areas
    possibly in some cases, use of mold detection dogs
  • Examination of individual samples in the laboratory (below), also cultivation and sampling by core drilling

Types of opinions

An appraiser can give a simple opinion after the on-site appointment, and speak with you. In special cases, however, it may also be necessary to document the examinations and the result more comprehensively and in writing:

  • Data collection for the report (measurements of indoor climate, humidity values ​​and condition assessment on site), written report
  • so-called "expert opinion"
  • Expert evidence preservation
  • Comprehensive report (for example for courts)

Prices for reviewers

Basically, the prices are always slightly different from appraiser to appraiser. In general, however, one can expect hourly rates in the range of around 80 - 200 EUR, depending on whether the expert works on site or in the office (write appraisals). Additional costs may be incurred for sampling, access and special services.

Prices for expert reports

On-site assessments with oral opinion are usually obtained for about 100 - 200 EUR. Expert opinions and written reports are usually already much more expensive - here the prices are around 200 - 400 EUR. Evidence-based appraisals are around 350 - 500 EUR, a comprehensive party report can also quite cost 800 - 900 EUR. In addition there are the special costs.

Tips & Tricks

Anyone who has to pay for appraisals in rental apartments can be contentious - depending on what the mold expert opinion shows. Sharing the costs between landlord and tenant, but from the outset seems to be fair and reasonable.

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