Mold in the coffee machine

Especially with a coffee machine there is an increased danger of mold: The coffee powder is ground directly in the machine, powder flies around, in addition it is warm and humid - the ideal breeding ground for mold. Even in simple filter coffee machines there are molds. How you can prevent and how to get rid of the mold is explained below.

What consequences does mold have in the coffee machine?

At first, a moldy coffee machine is of course extremely disgusting. But the presence of mold, bacteria and germs also has other negative effects:

  • The coffee gets an unpleasant aftertaste.
  • The uptake of germs and mold can cause gastrointestinal problems.
  • Molds can trigger allergies.

Does the mold survive high temperatures?

Now you might think: But the coffee machine is called up strong. Does the mold survive that? Unfortunately yes. Molds and yeasts survive the brewing process and get into your coffee cup in a lively way.

Prevent mold

The only way to prevent mold is to clean the coffee machine regularly.
This includes several steps:

1. The cleaning program of the machine

Run the machine's cleaning program every few days. But that alone is not enough. This does not help against moldy coffee powder in corners and niches of the machine.

2. Remove the coffee powder

Instead, it is actually necessary that you unscrew your fully automatic machine and brush out the coffee powder with a brush every few weeks. Be sure to disconnect the coffee maker from the electricity before! You can also vacuum the powder with a vacuum cleaner (at the lowest level!).

3. Clean the brew group

In the manual, it is often pointed out that the brew group is regularly rinsed under hot water. You should do this after every use, but at least several times a week.

Take out the brewing group and let hot water run over it. If necessary, you can wipe with a brush with plastic bristles or a rag. Do not use dishwashing liquid so as not to affect the taste of the coffee.

What to do against mold?

If the coffeemaker is already moldy, chemical cleaning agents must be used to kill the germs. You can do this, for example, Individual items in the dishwasher do - if suitable for dishwashing - or with diluted citric acid or the like clean. Very effective is a decalcification pass. Here's how to descale your coffee machine and kill all the germs at the same time.

Tips & Tricks

If you have a coffee machine in your office, tell your boss to have it cleaned from time to time. You do not want germs in your coffee, right?

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