Fight mildew in the fridge effectively

Mold does not do good to human health, especially in the home, it unfolds a pathogenic effect. If the fungus is in the fridge, it gets straight to our food: that's anything but appetizing! Prevention is everything in this area, but if the mold is already there, it should be combated as effectively as possible.

Remove mold from the fridge

Even if only certain areas of the refrigerator are covered by mold, you should subject the appliance to a complete cleaning. The fungus spreads its invisible spores everywhere and spreads further.

Empty the entire refrigerator and empty the shelves and drawer compartments. Then thoroughly wash the interior with soapy water and of course also clean the visible mold.

Also, do not forget to clean the removed items, as well as the food packaging. Then clean it all again with vinegar water to kill the last remnants of the mushroom.

Mold in the fridge never completely avoidable

Molds have the property of becoming visible only in the advanced stage. Whatever you do, there will always be at least a few spores in the fridge that are out to settle and grow.

However, you can thoroughly prevent the growth and spread of mold by taking the following actions:

  • clean the fridge about once a month
  • Do not put warm food in the fridge
  • Remove spoiled food as soon as possible
  • Store fresh goods only packed
  • Always keep the trough clean
  • if necessary, regularly defrost the refrigerator
  • Replace porous rubber seals in a timely manner
  • Do not place the fridge next to heat sources
  • Always open the refrigerator door only briefly

Many of these precautions are aimed at limiting the formation of condensed water in the refrigerator as much as possible because mold fungi love a moist environment.

Tips & Tricks

Always keep things organized in each compartment to prevent mildew in the refrigerator. If you quickly find all foods at a glance, not so much heat gets inside, which limits the formation of condensation.

The clarity also makes it easier to identify spoiled food and dispose of it as quickly as possible. Labeling labels on the individual compartments can serve as a clearing aid.

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