Mold on the wall - what types occur?

Mold can often look very different, and there are countless types of mold. Which single species can occur on the wall in the case of mold, what their particular characteristics are and where the special dangers lie can be read here.

Mold types overview

There are about 250,000 different species of mold, with only a small proportion of species found on walls, floors and ceilings. However, the determination of the particular type of mold often only succeeds the person skilled in the art after a laboratory investigation, since all types of mold fungi can be very similar. Determining the color is also not always possible - each fungus can, depending on the environment and the existing organic and especially inorganic constituents stain differently.

Hazard potential of wall mold

Since an exact determination of the respective species is not always safely possible, and in case of an infestation often several mold types occur together, one must always exercise appropriate caution.

General dangers

In general, mold is only dangerous if it gets inside the body. That can happen if:

  • one touches the mold and then gets through uncleanliness tiny mold ingredients in the mouth
  • Mold spores inhale (very dangerous!)
  • Mold spreads through the touch and thus contaminated, for example, previously unaffected foods, which you then eat
  • when children come in contact with the mold and then put their fingers in their mouths

Strongly toxic mold

Even without direct contact or inhalation of spores, only those molds that release aflatoxins (a special fungal toxin) are dangerous. In the area of ​​house and apartment this is just the typical yellow mold, the species Aspergillus flavus. The substances released by the mold can also cause breathing difficulties in the room air, headaches and redness and inflammation.

Black and red white horse

Black mold

Black mold is reputed to be especially dangerous. This is only partially true. Although he can - like other types of mold - cause serious illness, but this applies to all types of mold.

Red white horse

The red mold - or red baker's mold - only occurs in very humid areas. In general, these are wet rooms, such as bathrooms, but also poorly ventilated kitchens. Like most molds, it has a high hazard potential when the spores are inhaled, which can cause severe lung disease.

Green mold

Green mold, although it is very common in other parts of the world, does not occur on components. In the house you will find it at most once on potting soil, which he prefers attacks - otherwise mainly on spoiled food.

Tips & Tricks

Especially the yellow mold is often overlooked because of its subtle coloring, but represents a very high risk. It can, if it enters the body, even very quickly be fatal. Some excavators of Egyptian pyramids probably died from direct contact with this mold.

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