Avoid mold on the window seal and eliminate

Every window seal is prone to the formation of mold. Causes are in some cases structural defects or the ventilation behavior. Depending on the intensity and infestation level, mold can still be removed, in some cases only the replacement of the window seals helps.

Find and fix the cause

The window represents the link between temperature differences inside and outside. Depending on the weather and heat situation, temperature differences arise that cause the formation of mold. In case of insufficient tightness of the window seals, for example due to age-related porosity, the window seals must be replaced. A structural reason may be the existence of a cold bridge in the windowsill. In this case, the insulation of the windowsill must be improved.

Often can only be avoided by a conscious ventilation behavior, the mold growth on the window seal. Condensation in the majority of cases is the trigger and breeding ground for spore formation. The same physical laws apply here, which are also relevant for mold control in the cellar. Warm air binds more moisture than cold, so that, for example, in heated rooms, condensation is created by the air cooled on the window pane.

How to avoid and remove mold on the windowsill

  • Special mold remover or
  • Vinegar essence or
  • Cleaning alcohol (70 percent)
  • Maybe new window seal
  • Absorbent cotton rag
  • microfiber cloth
  • spray bottle
  • oxygen mask
  • Thermo- and Hygrometer

1. Blowing air

As a mold-preventing measure, you should breathe for five to ten minutes at least three times a day. Keep the windows closed in summer or open the wings completely. Tipping ventilation favors mold growth.

2. Keep dry

Lay a permanently accessible absorbent cotton or terry cloth next to the window and regularly wipe off condensation.

3. Remove spores

Spray the window seals with a special mildew remover that is available for rubber and silicone. Let it act according to the manufacturer and wipe with a microfibre cloth. After that, no discolorations such as typical black spots may be visible on the window seal. Alternatively, you can use rubbing alcohol.

4. Replace the gasket

In the case of residual spores, replace the affected window seals, since mold is very harmful to health.

Tips & Tricks

With a thermometer you can measure on surfaces of the walls and windowsill and look for heat and cold bridges. With a hygrometer next to the window, you can organize your ventilation behavior. Set values ​​for a bump ventilation.

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