Remove mold from the wooden window and prevent it in the future

For both health and durability reasons, mold should be removed from the wooden window immediately after detection. At the same time, it is advisable to investigate the causes, since professionally installed wooden windows do not form mold on any part of the unit if they are properly operated and ventilated.

So mold can be removed

  • Surface mildew is best wiped with rubbing alcohol, which is applied with a rag.
  • If the wooden window is not sealed by lacquer or a glaze, you must check whether the mold or the spores have penetrated the wood.
  • If the mold has penetrated a few millimeters, sanding can be the method of choice.
  • Deep-acting cleaners can be cloths soaked in chlorine-containing cleaners or hydrogen peroxide. The cleaning agent is conveyed by dabbing and pressing in the wooden window frame.
  • Mold in the window fold can be wiped off.
  • If the window putty is moldy, only remove and replace it.
  • In the case of mold on new windows, a faulty assembly must be assumed and structural measures must be taken, including replacement.

Avoid re-mold growth

  • The basic principle of replacing the air means that warmer air binds more moisture than cold air. Therefore, condensation forms on the inner wooden window in winter when the heated air hits the cold glass. Insufficient glazing can increase the problem. The windows must be kept dry from the inside in winter. Occasional surge ventilation with almost complete air exchange reduces the effect.
  • Condensation can be collected with towels placed under the panes and kept away from wooden frame parts.
  • Repeated air venting at intervals of two to five hours are preferable to the continuous tilting of the window in order to prevent the moisture and associated mold growth to feed.
  • The mold on the window should be located exactly and be present be checked by structurally caused cold spots. -The heat insulation of the window may need to be checked by re-measuring the UF values ​​of the window frame.

Tips & Tricks

Special structural situations such as a radiator in front of a window front can favor mold growth. You can significantly improve air circulation with fans and / or radiator panels.

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